2018 Prague Conference
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ICA 2018 Prague Health Communication / Mass Communication Social Reception


Health Communication / Mass Communication Division 
to follow Business Meeting, Sunday 5/27 from 6:40 - 8:30pm 


Hangar Bar 
Address: Dušní 9/9; 110 00, Praha 1



2018 Highlighted Sessions in Health Communication Division 


EXTENDED SESSION: Trends, Issues and Innovations - Engaging French and International Shared Voices Regarding Public Health Controversies
Sun, May 27, 9:30 to 12:15, Hilton Prague, LL, Congress Hall III

Top Four Papers in Health Communication
Sun, May 27, 15:30 to 16:45, Hilton Prague, LL, Congress Hall III

Health Communication Business Meeting
Sun, May 27, 17:00 to 18:15, Hilton Prague, LL, Congress Hall III



2018 Mentor-Mentee Program

This is the 2nd year of Pairing with Colleagues, our mentoring program that pairs senior members of the division with junior members of the division. Click here for more information on signing up as mentor or mentee.


ICA 2018 Prague Health Communication Division Sessions


There are four types of sessions in our division this year: (1) Interactive Poster Session, (2) High Density Sessions, (3) an Extended Session, and (4) Regular Panels. If your submission was paneled as one of the first three categories, the session title will begin with one of the following: “Health Communication Interactive Poster Session,” “HIGH DENSITY,” or “EXTENDED SESSION.” Here are the details on each.


(1) Interactive Poster Session: The Interactive Poster Session is exactly as it sounds – you prepare a poster and conference attendees have the option to stop by your poster and interact with you about this work. ICA Central should be sending you details on the specific dimensions of these posters. I want to iterate that posters are by no means a reflection of the quality of the submission – some highly scored submissions were paneled here. As per the guidelines for submission, posters are extended abstract submissions that did not fit clearly into one of the high-density sessions (which have 7 submissions) where other extended abstracts were paneled.


(2) High Density Sessions: The High Density Sessions feature 7 presentations, each strictly limited to 8 minutes or less. These are organized by theme and in the past have drawn large audiences! While some divisions have short presentations followed by mini-posters, we do not use this format. We simply have shorter presentations for each paper. Since 7 presentations take some time to get set up, those authors presenting in high density sessions ARE REQUIRED TO SEND YOUR SLIDES (if you plan to use them) TO THE SESSION CHAIR AT LEAST THE DAY BEFORE THE SESSION. That way the chair can compile these onto a single computer and we won’t waste the first 10 minutes of the session loading powerpoints. I will ask high density session chairs to ensure that presenters are compliant with this policy. It is intended to make sure that everyone has enough time to share their work.


(3) Extended Session: For the first time in recent memory, we are sponsoring an extended session entitled, “Trends, Issues and Innovations – Engaging French and International Shared Voices Regarding Public Health Controversies,” scheduled for Sunday, May 27th from 9:30-12:30. This session involves an outstanding set of presenters and discussants from around the globe to share cross-national perspectives on topics that include vaccination, medicinal marijuana, and e-health and industrial medicine, among other topics. This session is intended to promote lots of discussion and generate ideas for future cross-national collaboration in this space.


(4) Regular Panel: If your session has none of these elements in the title, it is a standard, 5-paper panel in which (typically) 5 papers/perspectives will be presented. Each author will have 12-minutes each, in order to ensure sufficient time for questions and conversation. The only exceptions to this structure are panels that were submitted as panels rather than individual competitive papers (in these, you can structure the time however you would like), and the top papers panel (in which our top 4 papers receive 15 minutes for their presentations). I would highly encourage you to submit your powerpoint to your session chair at least a day in advance of the presentation.