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Amanda L. Kundrat Thesis of the Year Award (Endowed by the Kundrat family)


About the Award

The Amanda L. Kundrat Health Communication Thesis of the Year Award is given jointly each year by the Health Communication Divisions of the International Communication Association and the National Communication Association. Recipients are selected through blind review by a panel of elected officers of the two Associations to recognize excellence in student scholarship at the Masters Degree level. Nominees may submit work on any aspect of health communication, representing any methodological approach or theoretical perspective.


This award is given in honor of the late Amanda Lee Kundrat, recipient of the ICA/NCA Thesis of the Year award in 2002 for her Thesis entitled “The Impact of Invisible Illness on Identity and Contextual Age Across the Life Span” directed by Jon Nussbaum.


At the June 2010 business meeting, Dave Buller announced that the Kundrat family, in memory and honor of the late Amanda Lee Kundrat, has generously donated funds to endow the ICA and NCA's joint Thesis of the Year award, renamed the Amanda L. Kundrat Health Communication Thesis of the Year Award. The division continues to receive support from the Kundrat family and hopes to continue this endowment for the future by seeking charitable donations to the fund.


About Amanda L. Kundrat

Amanda was a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University who passed away on January 21st, 2003. Her passion for health communication was rooted in both her personal and academic understanding of the healthcare system. She committed her time and energy to encourage blood and organ donation.


Donation to the Fund

Division members interested in donating to the Amanda L. Kundrat Health Communication Thesis of the Year Award have 1 of 3 ways to donate:  

Option 1 is for members to send a check, along with a note that identifies the Amanda L. Kundrat Health Communication Thesis of the Year as the intended fund to the following address:

International Communication Association
c/o Michael Haley
1500 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Option 2 is to make a donation online via the ICA fundraising page. Just click on the link below and select Amanda L. Kundrat Health Communication of the Year Award from the award selection menu and specify the type of gift you wish to make


Option 3 is to donate as part of the process of renewing your ICA membership - the funds are listed on the detail form as you check out of the renewal registration process.


Submission Information

Guidelines for submitting theses for consideration for this award will be provided at a later date.  Be sure to check back here regularly for updated information. 


Past Award Winners


2017: "Consulting the Internet Before a Consultation. A Mixed Method Study Investigating the Effects of Searching the Internet Before a Consultation on Satisfaction with the Consultation, Recall of Information and Medication Adherence" by Remco Sanders (Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam)


2016: "The Influences of Self-Efficacy in Medical Drama Programming on Cervical Cancer Preventive Behaviors: From the Perspective of Social Cognitive Theory" by Sungsu Kim (University of Georgia)


2015: "Attributions and Coping Behaviors Communicated Among Bullied Students: An Analysis of Bullying Blogs" by Carly Danielson (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, USA)


2014: "Communication networks of men with prostate cancer" by Dorothy Brown (Pagel)


2013: "The Effect of Stereotype Threat on Cognitive Difficulties After Chemotherapy: Communicating the Association Between Chemotherapy and Cognitive Difficulties May Result in Higher Complaint Reporting, But Increased Memory Performance for Cancer Patients High in Stigma Consciousness" by Wendy Jacobs (Radboud University Nijmegen)


2012: "Third-Person Effect and Rectifying Behaviors: Studying Antisocial and Prosocial Online Messages of Youth Drug Abuse" by Wan Chi Leung (degree conferred by School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 


2011: "Influencing Children's Food Consumption: Impact of Message Framing and Tailoring on Efficacy and Intention" by Mindwati Wijaya (degree conferred by Nanyang Technological University)


2010: "The Conceptualization and Communication of Risk Among Rural Appalachian Adolescents" by Jennifer J. Moreland (degree conferred by The Ohio State University)