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Health Communication is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal, published bi-monthly. As an outlet for scholarly intercourse between medical and social sciences, this journal seeks to improve practical communication between caregivers and patients and between institutions and the public.


The Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal, published bimonthly. It presents the latest development in the field of health communication including research in risk communication, health literacy, social marketing, communication (from interpersonal to mass media), psychology, government, policy-making, and health education around the world.


Additional Resources


The Coalition for Health Communication is an inter-organizational task force whose mission is to strengthen the identity and advance the field of health communication. This organization grew out of the recognitions of (a) the need for professionals and practitioners to be more aware of each others’ contributions and to provide a focus for their interaction, and (b) the need to promote the integrity of and advance the field of health communication while assuring a focus on “communication” in those efforts, while recognizing that health communication research and practice are conducted across numerous disciplines.


The Health Communication Bibliography Project was initiated in 2005 as a way to compile and broaden access to health communication scholarship. Initially, the intention was to demonstrate that health communication had matured as a discipline to the point that communication scholarship was being recognized and valued more and more widely in the health professions. To this end, we searched the top 60 ISI non-communication health-related journals (see attached list) from 2000 to present for peer-reviewed articles that dealt with some aspect of communication. Nearly 700 articles were found and have been collected in an EndNote database.


The database can be searched but not modified at this point. Again, it should be emphasized that this version of the database is not meant to be a complete listing of ALL health communication publications. The many articles appearing in communication and health communication journals are not included here because the original purpose was to demonstrate how health communication scholarship had crossed disciplinary boundaries into the health fields.

Further discussion among Division members is needed to develop a system for updating and expanding the database and for developing new versions of the database for new purposes. If you are interested in participating in this effort, please contact the Division Chair or Division Secretary.


HealthComm Key is a searchable database containing comprehensive summaries from published peer-reviewed studies related to health communication. The site was developed by Emory Center for Public Health Communication and sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Marketing and the Association of Schools of Public Health.


Health Communication Web Resources is compiled by Marcia Zorn, M.A., M.L.S. The archive of Marcia's lists is kept on The Coalition for Health Communication's website under "Online resources."