Minutes for Division Business Meeting 2017
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Division/Interest Group: Intercultural Communication

Date: May 28, 2017

Location: ICA Intercultural Communication Division Business Meeting

Notes taken: Juana Du

Chair Stephen Croucher hosted the business meeting. He welcomed the participants, and introduced the new chair Dr. Sandy Hsu, Vice Chair Dr. Soumia Bardhan, as well as the division secretary Dr. Juana Du.

The conference president Francois Cooren joined the division business meeting from the ICA board, and provided an introduction of the ICA 2018 in Prague. He mentioned that the opportunity to host a large conference in Europe is very rare because of the limited hotel capability. He introduced the sites of ICA conference in the next five years. He provided detailed information about the room rate and hotel conditions in Prague, and recommended people to register the conference early. He also introduced the city of Prague panelwhich is a beautiful location, and provided transportation information. He answered questions about timing of the conference (to avoid local holidays), schedule change (Sunday sessions), room capability, etc.

Stephen Croucher announced the top paper awards and invited Sandy to give awards to the authors of the top paper and top poster award. Stephen mentioned that the division really encourage people to participate and go to the poster sessions. Stephen Croucher mentioned that 2017 ICA is the largest ICA which has 3024 participants. The board has been exploring site possibilities of hotels (convention), and program schedule to incorporate more sessions.

He mentioned about the new interest groups, e.g. mobile media, etc, which made the panel space more competitive. He encouraged division members to register and renew memberships in Oct. Currently Intercultural Division is the 6th largest division based on the number of registered members. He also mentioned about a conference task force emphasizing outreach and professional development, e.g. more applicable research to connect industry and research which has been widely seen in some countries, e.g. New Zealand. He mentioned that high-density panels have been used as a method to increase acceptance rate, which was well received so far. More discussions need to identity future opportunities. He also answered questions regarding memberships, conference WIFI, access to papers, regional conference possibilities.


Vice Chair Sandy Hsu shared the annual report with the division members and summarized as below:

As in previous years the Intercultural Division maintained its practice of only accepting completed papers and or panel submissions. For the 2017 conference held in San Diego, CA, the Division received 71 paper submissions, and 11 panel submissions. Of the 71 papers submitted, 45 were accepted for an acceptance rate of 63.4%. To boost participation in the Division, all paper panels (except top 4 papers) will have 6 presenters in each panel. Of the 11 panel submissions, 4 were accepted for an acceptance rate of 36.4%. Regarding the papers accepted; papers were slotted into 7 paper sessions and 1 poster session.

In total the Division received 14 slots from ICA for the 2017 conference: 7 paper sessions, 1 poster session, 4 panel sessions, 1 business meeting and 1 reception. To review all of the papers and panels the Vice Chair and Chair solicited reviewers from the ICA website and also from other contacts. In total 47 individuals reviewed for the 2017 conference.

Questions were raised and discussed around the issues of perceptions of papers accepted by the division (very mixed, people see more quantitative research papers this year, but qualitative research papers are also very welcomed), low submission number this year, new division/ interest group, panel proposals, etc.