Business Meeting Minutes in Praque 2019
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Date: May 25, 2018

Location: ICA Intercultural Communication Division Business Meeting

Notes taken: Juana Du (Division Secretary)

Dr. Sandy Hsu hosted the business meeting as the division chair. She welcomed the participants, and provided a short overview of the meeting schedule. She announced the opening position of two-year term vice chair and welcomed nominations for the year of 2019.  The vice chair of the division Soumia Bardhan will become the chair in 2020.  

Dr. Sandy Hsu shared several motions which were passed during the board meeting with division members. First, early career/ students’ representatives would receive $ 300 for registration; Second, ICA would provide two additional registration waivers to each division/IG for Annual conference. At least one of these two additional waivers should be awarded to a scholar resident in a Tier B or C country; Third, change the current “Five Authorship” rule to a submission limit for first authorships.

Dr. Sandy Hsu talked about several items during the business meetings. For instance, self-nomination is encouraged for ICA government committees; Reviewers need to provide constructive comments to improve the paper quality rather than critical comments; She also encouraged division members to submit for the 2019 conference. The theme of Communication Beyond Boundaries aims for an understanding of the role of communication and media in the crossing of social, political and cultural boundaries and encourages research that crosses the boundaries of research domains disciplines.

The vice chair of the division Dr. Soumia Bardhan reported on the division programming. The Intercultural Division maintained its practice of accepting only completed papers and/or panel submissions, as the 4th largest division of ICA. For 2018 conference held in Prague, Czech Republic, the Division received 79 paper submissions, and 8 panel submissions. Of the 79 papers submitted, 41 were accepted for an acceptance rate of 51.8%. Of the 8 panel submissions, 4 were accepted for an acceptance rate of 50%.  All paper panels have 4-5 presenters and all 4-paper panels have respondents, in order to facilitate exchange of thoughts and ideas in every session.

In total the Division received 12 slots from ICA for the 2018 conference: 8 paper sessions (including the Top Paper panel) and 4 panel sessions. In addition, there is a poster session, 1 business meeting, and 1 reception. To review papers and panels the vice chair solicited reviewers from the business meeting and websites. In total, 41 individuals reviewed for the 2018 conference. All reviewers had a Ph.D. All papers/ panels were reviewed by at least two reviewers. She provided a quick review of the top paper awards and poster awards, and talked about the criteria of selecting travelling awards to encourage participants to apply the next year. Dr. Hsu and Dr. Bardhan handed over the division awards to the authors of the top paper and top poster award. Dr. Soumia Bardhan also mentioned the launch of facebook page of the division later in the year.

Several questions and issues were discussed during the opening question session. For instance, it encourages paper submissions if more positive and constructive feedback can be provided; Offensive comments from reviewers should not be invited to review in future; Personal understanding of the scope of intercultural communication from reviewers should not be posed to submitted papers; The division program planner can exercise some good judgements on the scope of the submitted papers and whether the topics fit to the division of intercultural communication. The division members also provided suggestions and feedback on questions including whether P.hD students should be invited to review paper, whether to allow ABD to review papers, possibilities of mentoring and pair-up, research method should be included in key words, etc. 

The conference president joined the division business meeting from the ICA board, and introduced the 2019 conference in Washington D.C. He provided a quick review of the sites of ICA conference in the next five years. In particular, he mentioned the conference site of Washington D.C. and its relationship to NGOS, industries and local communities, etc. He shared detailed information about the hotel sites and room rates in Washington D.C. He also mentioned about the limited capacity of hotels to host pre-conferences, and encouraged to explore other possibilities including local universities.  Several practical issues of conference planning were also raised, e.g. local holiday, timing, session slots, etc. The division business meeting lasted for about one hour.