2020 Gold Coast Conference
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**Stay tuned for information about our business meeting, social, and top paper panel**


ICA 2020 Language and Social Interaction Division Sessions

The LSI Division includes four types of sessions: (1) Paper session , (2) Panels, (3) Research Escalator, and (4) Poster Session

1.Paper Session

Consists of 3-5 individually submitted papers that have a shared theme. Each presenter will have about 12 minutes to present paper followed by discussion and q&a with the audience. High density panels include 6+ papers and shorter presentations.


2. Panels (Discussion/Roundtable Sessions)

Panels may but need not involve formal paper presentations. For example, they may involve short talks on a single theme, followed by interaction with audience. Panels are also appropriate forums as ‘high-density’ sessions or workshops.

3. Research Escalator Session

The Research Escalator is an opportunity for less experienced researchers (particularly graduate students and early career faculty) to discuss and get feedback from more veteran scholars about a paper-in-progress with the goal of making the paper ready for submission to a conference or journal. 6-8 participants will present their projects in 2-3 minutes using a PowerPoint template distributed by the LSI Division. Then, submitters meet with their assigned scholars in one-on-one mentorship meetings to discuss their feedback on their manuscripts (audience members are welcome and encouraged to attend these conversations as well). At the end of the session, all regroup, and submitters give a short “recap” of new directions/goals as well as highlight the main points they took away from their mentorship sessions.


4. Poster Session

The LSI Division encourages all submitters whose work features a strong visual component (e.g., screenshots from video data, photographs from the field, etc.) to consider presenting posters. (For a useful approach to poster design, see this article: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/06/11/729314248/to-save-the-science-poster-researchers-want-to-kill-it-and-start-over .)