Business Meeting Minutes
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Language and Social Interaction Division Business Meeting Minutes

2020 Virtual conference (Gold Coast, Australia): 2020_lsi_business_meeting_a.docx and video

2019 Washington, DC, USA: 2019_lsi_business_meeting_m.docx

2018 Prague, Czech Republic: 2018_lsi_meeting_minutes.docx

2017 San Diego, CA, USA: 2017_lsi_minutes.docx 

2016 Fukuoka, Japan: lsi_minutes_ica_6.10.16.pdf

2015 San Juan, Puerto Rico: ica-lsi_-_2015_business_meet.pdf

2014 Seattle, WA, USA: ica-lsi_-_2014_business_meet.pdf

2013 London, UK: ica-lsi_-_2013_minutes.pdf

2012 Phoenix, AZ, USA: ica-lsi_-_2012_business_meet.pdf

2011 Boston, MA, USA: ica-lsi_-_2011_business_meet.pdf

2010 Singapore: ica-lsi_-_2010_business_meet.pdf

2009 Chicago, IL, USA: ica-lsi_-_2009_business_meet.pdf

2008 Montreal, Quebec, Canada: ica-lsi_-_2008_business_meet.pdf

2007 San Francisco, CA, USA: ica-lsi_-_2007_business_meet.pdf

2006 Dresden, Germany: ica-lsi_-_2006_business_meet.pdf

2005 New York City, New York, USA: ica-lsi_-_2005_business_meet.pdf

2004 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA: ica-lsi_-_2004_business_meet.pdf

2003 San Diego, California, USA: ica-lsi_-_2003_business_meet.pdf

2002 Seoul, Korea: ica-lsi_-_2002_business_meet.pdf