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Top Three Student Papers for 2018

Martin Riedl (U of Texas, Austin): “Negotiating sociomateriality and commensurability: Human and algorithmic editorial judgment at social media platforms”

David Cheruiyot (Karlstad U), Raul Ferrer Conill (Karlstad U), and Stefan Baack (U of Groningen): “Fact-checking and journalism discourse: The perceived influence of data-driven non-profits in Africa”

Aviv Barnoy (Ben Gurion U of the Negev): “Verification in the age of post-truth: A mix method study”


Top Three Faculty Papers for 2018

Lei Guo (Boston U): “The rise of non-official voices in China: Intermedia agenda setting in a controlled media environment”

Janet Lo (Hong Kong Baptist U), Meily Cheung (Hang Seng Management College), and Shu Yan Lam (Hang Seng Management College): “Who has a say in political election? Framing in the era of big data”

Caroline Fisher (U of Canberra), Eileen Culloty (Dublin City U), and Jee Young Lee (U of Canberra): “Regaining control: Citizens who follow politicians on social media – a six country comparison”


Top Poster Award 2018

Isabella Glogger (U of Koblenz-Landau) and Lukas Otto (U of Koblenz-Landau)
“Journalistic views on hard and soft news: A factorial survey on journalists’ understanding of a popular concept”


The Gene Burd Outstanding Dissertation in Journalism Studies Award for 2018

Allie Kosterich (Rutgers U): “Rapid Institutional Change, Professional Journalists and the Rise of the News Nerd”
Supervisor: Matthew Weber


Wolfgang Donsbach Outstanding Journal Article of the Year for 2018

Richard Fletcher and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (2017). Are news audiences increasingly fragmented? A cross-national comparative analysis of cross-platform news audience fragmentation and duplication. Journal of Communication 67(4), 476-498.


International Journal of Press/Politics Book Award

Erik Albæk, Arjen van Dalen, Nael Jebril, and Claes H. de Vreese (2014).
Political Journalism in Comparative Perspective. Cambridge University Press.


The Journalism Studies Division Book Award

Natalia Roudakova (2017). Losing Pravda: Ethics in the Press in Post-Truth Russia. Cambridge University Press.


Top Reviewer Award (ICA 2018)

Christian Baden (Hebrew U of Jerusalem)