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Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name
The name of this group is the Journalism Studies Division of the International Communication Association.

Section 2: Authority
The Journalism Studies Division exists under the authority of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the International Communication Association.

Section 3: Purpose
The overall purpose of the Journalism Studies Division is to promote journalism theory, journalism research, and professional education in journalism as well as to provide a critical perspective on its specific functions, structures, and practice.

Article II: Membership

Section 1: Membership

Any Active member of ICA who expresses interest in, and subscribes to, the purposes of the Division is eligible for membership in the Journalism Studies Division. 

Section 2: Affiliate Membership

Any Affiliate Member of the International Communication Association who expresses interest in, and subscribes to, the purposes of the Division is eligible for Affiliate Membership. Affiliate members are not eligible to vote nor hold office.

Article III: Officers, Nominations, Elections

Section 1: Officers

The officers of the Journalism Studies Division shall include a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary. The Vice Chairperson and Secretary shall be elected in alternate years, with the Vice Chairperson elected in even years.

Section 2: Terms of Office

The terms of the office of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary shall be two years each. The Vice Chairperson automatically becomes Chairperson at the expiration of the term. Non-members of the Journalism Studies Division may not hold office. A term of office shall begin on the last day of the ICA Annual Conference.

Article IV: Committees

Section 1: Ad Hoc Committees

The Chairperson is empowered to establish and appoint members of ad hoc committees to assist in the conduct of the affairs of the Journalism Studies Division.

Section 2: Association Committees

When requested by the President of the International Communication Association, the Division Chairperson is empowered to recommend members of the Division to serve on designated Association committees.

Section 3: Term of Office

The term of office of any appointed committee member shall not exceed the term of office of the appointing officer, except in the case of standing committees.

Article V: Annual Meeting and Reports

Section 1: Annual Meeting

An annual business meeting of the Journalism Studies Division shall be held at the time and place of the Annual conference of the Association. A simple majority of the number of registered Active Members of the Division in attendance at the Conference shall constitute a quorum for officially conducting the business of the Division.

Section 2: Agenda

The agenda for the meeting will be composed by the Chairperson and will include a summary of Division business for the year, and activity reports of officers and committees of the Division. The agenda will be announced to members attending the business meeting. Agenda items requiring action must be identified as such, and shall be discussed and presented for vote by the active Members of the Division in attendance at the meeting.

Article VI: Program Selections

Peer reviews shall be the basis for program development. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall recruit qualified members (e.g., Associate professors with tenure in university settings) of the Journalism Studies Division to review the papers/panel proposals submitted for review. Such qualified members of the Division may indicate their desire to serve as a reviewer at any time. Peer reviewers are required to provide the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson with their blind review ratings and rankings in a timely fashion, given the tight turnaround time for annual program development.

Article VII: Awards

In addition to the Top Paper awards in Journalism Studies, the Division may institute additional awards for scholarly performance. All awards will be judged by a three panel committee of peers appointed by the Chairperson. The Chairperson will announce a call for nominations and procedures for nomination in the ICA newsletter. Nominations will include a cover letter stating why the person should be recognized by the Division, the nominee's vitae, and letters of recommendation. The nature of the award will depend on Division funds.

Article VIII: By-Law Amendments

Section 1: Initiation

Amendments to these By-Laws may be initiated by any member of the Journalism Studies Division. Texts of revisions must be made available to the Chairperson of the Division two months before the annual business meeting to enable their timely distribution to the membership.

Section 2: Adoption

A two-thirds majority of those members present and voting at the annual meeting of the Division shall be required for adoption of an amendment to Division By-Laws.

Article IX: Parliamentary Authority

In the absence of any provision to the contrary in these By-Laws, all business meetings of the Journalism Studies Division shall be governed by the parliamentary rules and usages contained in the current edition of ‘Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised’.