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JULY 2020


Dear members of the ICA Journalism Studies Division,


I hope this month’s newsletter finds you safe and well amid the ongoing pandemic and associated disruptions, and I hope that many of you are finally getting to enjoy a much-deserved break. These have been challenging and uncertain times for many people, and they also have been a period of needed reflection on racial injustices and the work we all can do in being a positive force for a more equitable and inclusive future. I wish to reiterate ICA’s statement “unequivocally reaffirming its stance against all forms of racism against people of color that perpetuate hate, intolerance, and injustice” (see


In this newsletter, my first as chair of the division, I will touch on a number of items related to the recent conference, update you on the ICA Board of Directors meeting, and point to several calls for papers. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in…


First, we are keen to hear your thoughts about the recent virtual conference, regardless of how much you participated — or even if you did not participate at all. Would you please take just a couple of minutes (I promise, it’s a very short survey) to share your thoughts about the conference as well as your perspectives on future directions and opportunities for the division?


Here is the survey link:


Now, I want to begin by thanking Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt for her excellent service to the division as chair these past two years. She and previous chairs of the Journalism Studies Division have done so much, in a relatively short period, to grow the division and develop it into what is consistently one of the largest divisions of ICA. I feel grateful to be following in their footsteps, and hope that together we can further expand the range and impact of the division and journalism research broadly.


As I assume the chair role, I hand off the role of vice chair and program planner to Annika Sehl (University of the Bundeswehr Munich), who was elected in Fall and who will succeed me in 2022. We also welcome Eddy Borges-Rey (Northwestern University in Qatar) as our new International Liaison. Rounding out the leadership team, Edson C. Tandoc Jr. (Nanyang Technological University) continues for this coming year as Secretary, just as Joy Kibarabara (Stockholm University) does as our Student and Early Career (SEC) Representative. (This Fall, we will elect a new Secretary and a new SEC Representative to begin serving in May 2021.)


On that note, I wish to thank Joy for her excellent work leading our recent graduate student colloquium, which, in its sixth year, is one of the great successes of the division in recent years. I also want to note the remarkable outreach efforts organized by Edson, who (with an assist from Raul Ferrer-Conill) launched our new Twitter account, @Journalism_ICA (see, and used that Twitter presence as well as our division Facebook page to provide extensive coverage of our division’s sessions, awards, and other highlights during the conference. It was a social media tour de force — so thank you, Edson!


With regard to the conference, I appreciate everyone’s patience with the virtual nature of this year’s annual convention. There were technical glitches, to be sure, but I also found people taking advantage of the format with the creativity of their presentations, the comments they left for each other, and the “watch parties” that allowed people to enjoy sessions together. It was encouraging to see so many make the best of an unfortunate situation.


If you missed our division’s annual business meeting, I would encourage you to see the full rundown of award winners, all neatly outlined in the business meeting minutes as well as the PowerPoint, which you can find on the ICA website: Also, if you missed the video of the business meeting and would like to watch it, you can see it here:


I also wish to congratulate the ICA Fellows Class of 2020 (, which includes a number of names familiar to the Journalism Studies Division: Lee Becker, Pablo Boczkowski, Lilie Chouliaraki, Homero Gil de Zúñiga, Thomas Hanitzsch, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, and Herman Wasserman. Congratulations to all of the new ICA Fellows!


Additionally, the annual ICA Board of Directors included the passing of several initiatives of interest to our division:

* approval of the new editor of Annals of ICA, Herman Wasserman (U of Cape Town)

* approval of the new editor of Communication, Culture  & Critique, Melissa Click (Gonzaga U)

* approval of the new editors of Human Communication Research, Jonathan Cohen (U of Haifa) & Yariv Tsfati (U of Haifa)

* approval to elevate the Computational Methods Interest Group to a Division

* adoption of a policy whereby submitters must choose only one division/interest group to which they submit their dissertation for a division/interest group dissertation award


Finally, as we look ahead to the coming year, turbulent as things may continue to be with the pandemic and its challenges for universities and everyday life, I would encourage you to weigh in on what you see as future goals and opportunities for this division. You can share feedback with me anytime (, or you can take a quick moment to drop some anonymous comments via the survey that I mentioned above:  Your input is incredibly valuable, and will help inform discussions that we will have as a division leadership team this summer. In a future newsletter, I will report on the survey findings and your feedback as well as our initial ideas and directions.


We round out this newsletter with some relevant calls for papers (below). If you have short (~75 words) announcements relevant to the division — regarding paper calls, job opportunities, new books, etc. — you may email them to me at any point and I will include them in the next month’s newsletter.


Best regards,


Seth C. Lewis

Chair, Journalism Studies Division