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The 2019 Mass Communication Innovation Award: Innovation in Method


DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS:  February 20, 2019 (to Receive Award at the 2019 ICA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.)


The Mass Communication Division membership approved the creation of a new award, the ICA MCD Innovation Award, at the 2016 ICA annual meeting in Fukuoka, Japan.  This award will honor mass communication theory innovations in even numbered years and method innovations in odd numbered years.


The nominations for the 2019 Mass Communication Innovation Award in Method are invited this year. Innovation in method could reflect the creation of new analytical tools and/or procedures, the offering of an improved design to address a long-standing mass communication phenomenon, the creation of novel stimuli to address a mass communication question, the presentation of an advancement in comparative research methodology, or the use of mixed methods in a novel, but productive manner.


An innovation is often defined as something “new”, but we all know that our theory and method advancements build on the work of others. Nevertheless, there are those instances when a particular work signals not just a step, but a leap forward that is worthy of being defined as an “innovation”.  It is those works that represent a unique advancement that the division is seeking to identify for this award.

All nominations will focus on a single work of innovation, whether it be a peer-reviewed journal article, invited journal article, book chapter, or book. Both self-nominations and nominations by others are welcome.  Only those individuals who are current members of the International Communication Association (ICA) can put forward a nomination or offer a letter of support. A nominated work can be by one or more author(s) and published anytime within fifteen years prior to the nomination deadline. For the 2019 award, this would include works published from January 2004 to January 2019.

A nomination packet will include the following: (1) a primary nomination letter arguing why this piece of research represents a true methodological innovation and a summary of the scope and impact of the innovation on mass communication research; (2) a copy of the peer-reviewed journal article, invited journal article, book chapter, or up to two chapters of the book being nominated; (3) the Curriculum Vitae of the sole- or lead-author of the work being considered for the award.

All nomination materials should be included in a single Adobe Acrobat PDF attachment sent to the Chair of the ICA Mass Communication Division, Prof. Young Mie Kim via email, at The award committee consisting of five members who represent diverse methodological backgrounds, ranks, institutions, and nationalities will review the materials. 



Kyoon Hur Dissertation Award

DEADLINE: February 20, 2019

The ICA Mass Communication Division's dissertation award, named in honor of the late Dr. K. Kyoon Hur, is designed to encourage and acknowledge the best in doctoral research and dissertation writing in mass communication. The Kyoon Hur Dissertation Award is given in odd-numbered years. The award offering would be in 2019, at the annual meeting in Washington D.C.

Nominations for the award are invited from programs and institutions granting a PhD in any aspect of mass communication. The guidelines for the competition are as follows:

1) Dissertations completed between November 1 and October 31 (inclusive) for 2 years prior to the conference year are eligible for consideration. For the competition, dissertations completed between November 1, 2016 and October 31, 2018 are eligible. Completion means that the final examination (dissertation defense) has been held and passed.

2) The dissertation advisor, graduate program director, or the student may make nominations. In the case of a self-nomination, a cover letter from the advisor (see below) must accompany the nomination.

3) The following materials MUST be submitted with all nominations:

· A cover letter attesting to the quality of the work which includes the name, address, telephone, and e-mail address of the nominee and his or her advisor(s).

· A summary of the dissertation not exceeding 30 pages of text (double spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins) and 50 pages total (including a cover sheet with the abstract, all references, tables, appendix, etc.). A full dissertations will NOT be accepted for review. Submissions that do not meet the guidelines will be returned. The summary should clearly identify and include the significance of the work, conceptual/theoretical framework, research questions, relevant literature, methods, results, and conclusions. The submitted paper should include a cover sheet that contains only the title and the 300-word (or less) abstract. Care should be taken to mask the identity of the author within the text of the paper.

4) All materials must be received by February 20, 2019 and should be submitted via email to the chair of the 2019 Kyun Hur Dissertation Award, Prof. Kjerstin Thorson, via email at




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