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Welcome to the Organizational Communication Division!  

For those of you not familiar with what we do, our division members seek to expand understanding of the processes, prospects, and challenges of communicating and organizing in a global society. Our scholarship articulates concepts and theories to better understand these processes, develop the tools needed to investigate them, and help to implement the social practices to improve them. We examine how communication shapes and is shaped by organizing across a range of contexts, including health care, community cooperatives, government and non-government agencies, global corporations, profit and not-for-profit organizations, and virtual and geographically co-located work. We study a variety of multi-level phenomena from a multiplicity of theoretical perspectives.

We are committed to collegiality and creating a supportive and exciting intellectual environment. We are also one of the most vibrant and accomplished divisions of the ICA. We have approximately 600 members from across the globe—and among them are numerous ICA Presidents, ICA Fellows, and winners of multiple association awards. We also honor our own division members' achievements through a variety of our own awards such as: top papers, top student paper, outstanding dissertation, outstanding member, and best interactive display awards. We develop scholarship in our division through doctoral consortia, preconferences, research escalators to advance written work toward publication, and other innovative programs and conference formats.

Our division members also have opportunities to serve in multiple ways. Each year more than sixty members serve as conference paper reviewers. Other volunteers serve on various committees, hold elected leadership positions, manage the email list, or oversee this website. It is my pleasure to serve you for the next two years as division chair, so if there is anything our leadership team can do to assist you as a member of the Organizational Communication Division, please let us know.


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