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Use the Listserv, Join the Division! 

We invite scholars from around the world interested in the study of organizational communication to become part of our division. We
especially encourage you to join if you are considering presenting a paper and/or organizing a panel for the annual ICA conference in the
Organizational Communication Division or if you have presented in this division before. Our membership numbers determine the number of slots we are assigned for papers and panels at each conference, so please join us, because doing so creates opportunities for you and others through increased presentation possibilities. To join, 
click here.

We are actively working to increase the international character of our division. One way we are doing this is by encouraging a diverse group of volunteers for annual conference paper reviewers. Reviewers are asked to evaluate a set of conference papers after they have been submitted (usually in the month of November) and often serve as panel chair and/or respondent at the annual conference. If you are interested in sharing your expertise by becoming a paper reviewer, please send an e-mail including your CV to the division secretary,
Joëlle M. Cruz. We look forward to your participation in our division!

The division listserv reaches approximately 800 members and other interested individuals. Current subscribers can send messages directly to ica-orgcomm@utlists.utexas.edu (click on "JOIN" in the left frame if you are not currently subscribed).

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