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CFP: Aspen Conference on Engaged Communication Scholarship

Organizers of the 2018 Aspen Conference on Engaged Communication Scholarship invite projects in progress submissions due by April 15th (with results in mid-May). This year's conference centers on communication-as-constitutive approaches to organizing with a focus on the interplay between the ways that scholars theorize constitution and the practices they inspire within organizational life. Leading scholars will help the conference address questions including: What is communication, or what exactly does communication entail, through various constitutive approaches? What practices and tools do the theoretical concepts and assumptions associated with constitutive approaches generate for organizational practitioners? How can practitioners leverage the theoretical resources that constitutive approaches offer to intervene in organizing? How do the theoretical concepts and assumptions of constitutive approaches to communication affirm and challenge each other? What insights do different approaches to communication as constitution offer regarding organizational practices? How can organizational practices challenge our understanding of communication as constitution? Keynote presenters include Drs. Mark Aakhus, Karen Ashcraft, Martín Carcasson, Kate Harris, and Timothy Kuhn, and additional speakers will be posted online soon. To learn more and submit visit http://www.aspenengaged.org or contact Joshua Barbour.

Division Officer Elections

The Organizational Communication Division will hold elections for the positions of Division Secretary and Division Student Representative this year. The nominating committee consists of Keri Stephens, Vernon Miller, Chih-Hui Lai, and Millie Harrison. For each position, the committee is planning to bring a slate of two persons who have agreed to run for election to the Division’s business meeting in Prague.
Any division member is free to send nominations for consideration by the nominating committee. To nominate yourself or another active member of the division, please send the following information to Keri Stephens by April 6, 2018: (1) the nominee’s name and institutional affiliation; (2) an email from the nominee stating that he or she is willing to be considered; and (3) his or her curriculum vitae.
The division secretary role is a 2-year commitment. The Secretary is in charge of 1) maintaining, distributing, and obtaining Division approval of minutes for Division business meetings; 2) administering the annual W. Charles Redding Dissertation Award Program and making the award presentation at the annual meeting of the Association; 3) assisting the Chairperson in administering business meetings; and 4) participating with the chairperson in evaluating the quality of Division programs.
The division student representative is also a 2-year commitment. This representative is in charge of 1) representing students (and to some extent, any early-career scholars) to division leadership, 2) serving as part of the division leadership team (along with secretary, vice-chair, and chair), and 3) assisting with social media activities for the division and on certain nominating committees.
We are looking forward to receiving your nominations for these key positions! We especially encourage candidates with non-North American affiliations. It goes without saying that the nominees need to be ICA members.