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Popular Communication, Taylor and Francis

Popular Communication

The International Journal of Media and Culture

Published by Routledge, 4 times a year




Patrick Burkart
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX, USA
Miyase Christensen 
Stockholm University and 
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) 
Stockholm, Sweden
Mehdi Semati
Northern Illinois University
DeKelb, IL, USA
Nabeel Zuberi
University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand

The journal provides a forum for the scholarly investigation, analysis, and dialogue on communication symbols, forms, phenomena, and strategic systems of symbols within the context of contemporary popular culture across the globe. Popular Communication publishes articles on all aspects of popular communication, examining different media such as television, film, new media, print media, radio, music, and dance; the study of texts, events, artifacts, spectacles, audiences, technologies, and industries; and phenomena and practices, including, but not limited to, fan, youth and subcultures, questions of representation, digitalization, cultural globalization, spectator sports, sexuality, advertising, and consumer culture. The journal welcomes diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives within the tradition of media, communication, and cultural studies as well as interdisciplinary research in and across related disciplines.

Popular Communication now receives all manuscript submissions electronically via ScholarOne. Manuscripts should be submitted at ScholarOne Manuscripts allows for rapid submission of original and revised manuscripts, and facilitates the review process and internal communication between authors, editors, and reviewers via a web-based platform.

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