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Welcome to the ICA PR Division Web Site

Message from the Chair, Chiara Valentini

Welcome to the Public Relations Division!  

Members of the Public Relations Division are concerned with the theory and the practice of communication between organizations and publics. Our members seek to develop a greater theoretical understanding of public relations function in organizations and society. Our studies are also concerned with the application of theoretic advances for the solution of pragmatic public relations problems in education and professional life.

We study a variety of organizational forms, including business, non-profit, public and political entities at local, national and international contexts and society at large. Our scholarship is multi-disciplinary and encompasses a wide variety of methodological approaches and a range of theoretical perspectives including, for example, organizational, management, political, inter and cross- cultural, sociological, anthropological, historical, rhetorical, critical, and philosophical standpoints.

Members’ research interests have included studies regarding public relations education and professional development, as well as specific questions concerning for example, organization-public relationships, strategic communication, internal/external communication, risk and crisis communication, marketing public relations, political public relations and public affairs, public diplomacy and nation branding, image and reputation management, gender and diversity issues, digital and social media communications.

The Public Relations Divisions has been highly committed in fostering internationalization of public relations scholarship and in nurturing international collaborations and exchanges of knowledge. With more than half of our members coming from outside North America, we are proud to be one of the most international Divisions at ICA.

We have also devoted great attention to sustain diversity in scholarship and thinking through initiatives that welcome novel approaches and ideas that foster public relations discipline. We offer to our students and early career members ad doc initiatives for helping them developing their professional career. We are one of the few Divisions that accept extended abstract submissions for the annual convention program besides traditional full research papers, interactive papers (poster presentations) and panel proposals. You can find more information on our submission types and guidelines here.

The Public Relations Division honor its own division members’ achievements through a variety of awards such as: top faculty papers (Heath awards), top student papers (Plank awards), outstanding dissertation and master thesis (Grunig and Grunig Dissertation and Thesis Awards), and best interactive display awards.

We are committed to promote collegiality and a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment. We aim to achieve these objectives through the help of our members. The Public Relations Division offers diverse opportunities to volunteer for roles within the division, including leadership positions, and to attend and participate in the division’s membership meeting held at the ICA annual convention. If you are interested in helping the division, please get in touch with one of the officers.

Finally, the Public Relations Division organizes annual social events for its members to foster networking and knowledge sharing opportunities. 

If you are new to the Public Relations Division, you are welcome to join us easily by just following this link into your membership area. 

Again, a warm welcome to our current and new members.

Chiara Valentini

ICA, Public Relations Division Chair