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ICAPRD in Fukuoka 2016
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ICAPRD in Fukuoka 2016! 

We had a record number of submissions, and we are pleased to have a strong and exciting programme offered to our Division members. In 2016, 169 papers and extended abstracts were submitted, of which 89 were accepted, and 76 rejected (an acceptance rate of 52.6%). Four submissions were disqualified because they either disclosed authors’ credentials or did not include a paper/extended abstract in the attachment. Of the ten panel submissions received, four were accepted and six rejected. We would like to thank all 94 reviewers for the hard work they put into assessing this year’s submissions, their efforts were very much appreciated. As promised, we will present the awards to the top reviewers at the business meeting and will draw prizes (made-in-Japan souvenirs) to give to our best reviewers at the PR Division business meeting.

We had 24 in-program sessions on a wide range of topics. Eleven PR posters were also included in the General Interactive Poster Session I Friday, June 10 at 12:30pm. 

This year we are also pleased to have more interdisciplinary collaboration. Four of our panels are co-sponsored with these divisions:  Global Communication and Social Change, Mobile Communication, Political Communication and Organizational Communication. We also hosted a joint reception with the Organizational Communication Division on Friday, June 10, 18:30-19:45 in Fukuoka Hilton Board Room.

Top papers 

Thanks to the generosity of the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, and the particular support of Professor Karla Gower at the Center, this year we were able to offer prizes to the three best student papers: a first prize of $300, a second prize of $200 and a third prize of $100.). The Top Faculty Papers Session were scheduled Friday June 10, 09:30-10:45 (Fukuoka Hilton, Board Room). Top Student Papers were presented on Friday, June 10, 17:00-18:15 (Fukuoka Hilton, Kei). As usual, the winners were announced during the business meeting Friday, June 10 11:00-12:15 in Hilton Fukuoka, Board Room. 

Business and pleasure 

Our Business Meeting was scheduled for Friday June 10, 11:00-12:15 in the Board Room at the Fukuoka Hilton. The agenda and other relevant documents for the meeting were shared with all members electronically prior to the conference. You were kindly asked to read the documents before the meeting and submit your feedback directly to Katerina Tsetsura and/or Chiara Valentini via email (if possible, ahead of the meeting). We do not be providing paper copies of any documents at the meeting, so please print your own copies if you need to. Please plan to attend the Business Meeting since it is important that as many members as possible participate in our discussions of Division-related issues. It is an excellent opportunity to share your opinions and shape the future of our Division. 

Our reception was jointly held with the Organizational Communication Division this year and took place Friday, June 10, 18:30-19:45 in Fukuoka Hilton Board Room. The annual division dinner took place on Saturday, June 11 at 7p.m. (19:00) in the Chikae restaurant in Fukuoka  (; +81-92-721-4624). Chikae offers traditional Japanese cuisine and comes highly recommended by our PRD members and friends from Japan. Chikae is also one of the top-rated restaurants in Fukuoka. The dinner included a full meal “Ike dukuri" (sashimi served on its original head and bone) and all you can drink (bottled beer, Sake, Shochu (Japanese white liqueur), whisky, and soft drinks, such as Coke, orange juice, and Japanese tea). The cost was $80, including taxes and service fees. The restaurant is approx. 5 km away from the Hilton Fukuoka Hotel.

Pre- and Post-conferences

This year, we hosted one pre-conference in Tokyo, one Blue Sky workshop in Fukuoka, and one post-conference in Kyoto. 

Pre-Conference: Powers of Promotion: Apprehending the Social and Political Impacts of Promotional Culture

Wednesday, 8 June, 8 am – 5 pm (full day)

Embassy of Finland, Tokyo
3-5-39, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8561
Tel. +81-3-5447 6000

This pre-conference examines the growing social and political importance of promotion and public relations. For decades, promotional activities have enjoyed a prominent role in societies as tools to foster the aims of various societal agencies, be they corporations, political actors, public institutions, NGOs or citizen movements. In today’s turbulent political and media environments, promotional practices have become more inventive, coordinated and ubiquitous, crossing transnational borders and circulating across business, politics and social institutions. More information can be found on the preconference website, powersofpromotion.wordpress.comOrganizers: Melissa Aronczyk, Rutgers University; Lee Edwards, University of Leeds; Anu Kantola, University of Helsinki

Moving from PhD Thesis to Book Manuscript to Published Book - Blue Sky Workshop 

Sunday, June 12, 5pm to 6.15pm, Fukuoka Hilton, Akane

The ICA Annual Conference in Fukuoka, Japan is approaching fast. In addition to many exciting panels, it also hosts a number of great events that are geared specifically towards the interests of graduate student members. Among these events, the Blue Sky Workshop ‘Moving from PhD Thesis to Book Manuscript to Published Book’ provides you with the opportunity of gaining insights into the academic publishing process. Find more information on the workshop below.

Writing a doctoral thesis is a multi-annual journey, in which we obtain and produce expert knowledge on a very specific subject. A monograph on the basis of a doctoral thesis provides an opportunity of making this knowledge accessible to a broader academic audience. The Blue Sky Workshop ‘Moving from PhD Thesis to Book Manuscript to Published Book’ centers on the process of turning a doctoral thesis that caters to the requirements of a PhD committee into a manuscript that captures the attention and the interest of the academic community in a specific field of study. It will be held on June 12 at the 2016 Annual Conference of the ICA in Fukuoka, Japan and is chaired by Alice Srugies (graduate student representative of the PR Division).

The workshop brings doctoral candidates, editors of renowned academic publishers as well as authors who have successfully completed the publishing process together. It aims at identifying and addressing challenges of editing a doctoral thesis, taking up questions on the structure and style of monographs, the publishing process or for example the time and the effort authors need to dedicate to revising their doctoral theses. The works aims at 1) establishing first contacts between possible future authors and publishers that can be deepened during and after the conference, and 2) initiating networks of graduate student and early career members that plan to publish their doctoral theses as monographs.

Even though the workshop is primarily directed at doctoral candidates at an advanced stage of their projects as well as early career members, it is open to all conference participants, with no prior registration needed. If you have specific issues you would like to address during the workshop, feel free to contact before the workshop.

Post-Conference: Power of Strategic Communication: Public Relations and Advertising in the21st Century

Tuesday, 14 June, 9 am – 5 pm,  Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto. 

The post-conference will examine the concept of strategic communication in relation to advertising and public relations, from communication and business perspectives. In the past several years, the term strategic communication has been widely used in Europe and Asia by professionals to refer to a variety of activities in public relations and advertising.

The professional agencies around the world increasingly engage in so-called integrated strategic communication and advocate close collaboration between advertising and public relations. However, both disciplines have insisted on separating the academic knowledge and practices. This post-conference will investigate the ways strategic communication is understood in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and will offer research- and practice-based solutions to understanding the realm of strategic communication and the power of public relations and advertising in the 21st Century from the communication and business perspectives. We will have presentations by both scholars and practitioners. Discussions and open round-tables to present the latest research and practices in public relations and advertising promise to be attractive and captivating.

If you have any questions about the post-conference, please direct them to Dr. Katerina Tsetsura (

ICA welcomes your comments and questions. Please feel free to contact the ICA staff at anytime.


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