The Plank Center Top Student Paper Awards
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The Plank Center Top Student Paper Awards

This award is given to the top three student papers submitted to the ICA's annual conference. The division encourages the submission of research papers by student authors that focus on key issues for PR and with an emphasis on theory development. The latter includes studies that further a greater understanding of the theoretic basis for effective communication, but also submissions that focus on the role of public relations in society.
We encourage submissions addressing the variety of organizational forms and international contexts. Submissions can use a range of theoretical approaches, including for instance social scientific, historical, rhetorical, critical and philosophical theory. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are considered appropriate.
The PR Division will consider only completed manuscripts. Please indicate the status of each author (e.g., Ph.D. or MA student, professor, researcher). For the purposes of this award, please note that the authorship status of the paper is determined by the authorship status of the first author. A panel of division scholars will select the top student paper. Award winners will be recognized at the Annual conference of the International Communication Association with a certificate and a cash award of $500 U.S. from the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations.
See the ICA Conference Call for Papers each year, for specific details on the topic, deadline and submission procedures.

2016 Award Winners

First place and Top Student Paper:

Pulling Together and Tearing Apart: Power Games in the Occupational Branding of Public Relations and the Management of Tainted Work. Christina Grandien, Mid-Sweden University.

Joint second place:

Advancing Agenda-Building: Exploring Causal Relationships. Tiffany Lynn Schweickart, University of Florida; Lauren Furey, University of Florida.

Examining Social Risks and NPOs in China: Applying the RISP Model to Publics’ Prosocial Intentions. Anli Xiao, Pennsylvania State University; Holly Ott, Pennsylvania State University; Ruobing Li, Pennsylvania State University.

Past winners

2015: Young Kim, Louisiana State University * winner; Jin Huang, U of Southern California - Annenberg School for Communication **runner up; Amanda Kehrberg, University of Oklahoma ***third

2014: Julio Bermejo, University of Maryland: "Activism research 1993-2012"

2013: Huang Peiyi Echo, Hong Kong Chinese University.

2012: Linjuan Rita Men and Don W. Stacks, University of Miami, USA.

2011: Rajul Jain and Maria De Moya, University of Florida, USA.

2010: Maria De Moya, U of Florida, USA Ji Young Kim, U of Florida, USA Spiro K. Kiousis, U of Florida, USA 

2009: Juan Meng, University of Alabama

2008: Bryan Smith, University of Maryland

2007: Andreas Schwarz, University of Ilmenau; Euiyeon Lee, Hua Jiang, Sun-A Park