2018 Conference
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Mobile Communication Interest Group


Colin Agur, Chair
U of Minnesota
School of Journalism
206 Church St. SE,
Room 338 Murphy Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: +1-612-626-5528
E-mail: cpagur@umn.edu

The Mobile Communication Interest Group focuses on the phenomenon of mobility in communication – thus being placed at the intersection of mobility, technology, and culture in human communication. While including a wide array of perspectives and approaches in communication scholarship from historical perspectives to studies on future media innovations, from ethnographic to quantitative empirical approaches, from journalism studies to media effects research the common ground of the Interest Group is state-of-the-art theorizing of mobile communication as well as rigorous methodology.

The Interest Group welcomes papers on topics involving uses, contents and effects of mobile communication in various forms and contexts such as mHealth, mLearning, journalism, entertainment, political mobilization, mobile communication and gender, wearables, location based services, tracking devices and other emerging technologies, mobile social media, mobile communication in developing countries, the history of mobile media, and general theoretical and methodological advances in the study of mobile communication. This list is far from exhaustive and is provided only as an indication of the scope of inquiry welcomed by the Interest Group. We encourage the submission of papers and proposals using a wide array of theoretical and methodological approaches.


The Mobile Communication Interest Group accepts two types of submissions:
Full papers: These will be considered for traditional sessions (featuring four oral presentations of 12 minutes in length), OR

Extended abstracts (1500-2000 words): These will be considered for high-density panels (featuring seven brief oral presentations of approx. 7 minutes followed by individual discussions) or for the conference’s interactive plenary poster session.

Use APA 6th edition format for all elements of the paper.
Maximum length is 8,000 words plus tables and references. 
All manuscripts need to have complete blinding of authorship, i.e. submitters MUST DELETE ALL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION before submitting a paper.
Submitted papers must NOT have been previously presented, scheduled for presentation, published, accepted for publication, and if under review, must NOT be published before the conference.

For further information regarding the submission process please see the general guidelines and instructions. Any submission you make comes with the professional expectation that you will present that work as a registered attendee at the conference if it is accepted by the Interest Group. ICA will send acceptance/rejection notices to submitters by mid-January 2018.

Top paper award
The Interest group will present a top paper award. Four papers which receive the highest numeric score from peer reviewers will be sent to the Awards Committee. The committee is blinded to authorship. The Awards Committee will select the top paper, and the award certificate will be presented at the Interest Group’s business meeting. 

Review process
Reviewers will evaluate submissions based on the following: criteria (Quality of Theory Development/Literature Review, Quality of Method & Analysis Employed, Significance of the Findings, and Relevance to the Mobile Communication Interest Group) plus an overall recommendation on acceptance versus rejection.

Finally, the Interest Group needs reviewers for paper submissions. Please consider volunteering for this important service to our scholarly community. Within ICA’s paper management system (where you submit papers) you will find a link labeled “Volunteer to be a Reviewer”. Click on this link and fill in your information. Under “qualification”, please let us know your areas of expertise and check the keywords that best describe your interests. We will use the keywords for matching submissions with reviewer interests as well as we can!