2019 ICA Rules and Regulations

The information provided below will help you prepare for your exhibit at the 69th Annual Conference of the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION. The conference will be held at the Washington Hilton, Washington, D.C. USA. Dates for the meeting are 24-28 May 2019. Please read the information below carefully. We look forward to having you at our conference in D.C.



The Exhibit Hall will be located in Columbia of the Washington Hilton the conference headquarters. The space is adjacent to the registration area, and in shared space with both refreshment breaks and the poster sessions, for maximum traffic to the booths.




Friday, 24 May - 12:30 - 18:00

Saturday, 25 May - 9:00 - 17:00

Sunday, 26 May - 9:00 - 17:00

Set up is: Friday, 24 May 8:00 - 12:00


Teardown is: Sunday, 26 May 17:00 - 19:00




Exhibitors expressly agree not to begin packing or dismantling their exhibits until the official convention breakdown starting time at Monday 27 May at 3;00pm. Such premature action is cause for expulsion from future conferences. It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to arrange for return shipment of exhibit material, properly labeled, before departure. A service desk for this function will be provided at the hotel facility to assist you.



The rights of an exhibitor are not assignable to any other persons or firm whatsoever. Identification badges for booth personnel are not transferable. Admission will be by badge only. Each exhibitor shall be entitled to free registration badges on a limited basis for the sole use of the exhibitor’s personnel.



Each space is 10’ x 10’ with and 8’ backdrop and 3’ side rails. Displays must not be higher than 8’ in the back and 3’ on the side dividers along the aisles. In addition to the use of the exhibit space for 4 days, (24- 27 May) the price of the space includes one 6’ draped table, two side chairs, one 7” x 44” tow-line ID sign, and four conference registrations. Please contact the ICA headquarters if you have additional questions. ICA is contracting with a drayage company who will contact all exhibitors prior to the conference.



All electrical work must be ordered through the Washington Hilton. All cloth draping and/or display materials must be fire retardant.



Any exhibitor planning to dispense food and/or beverages as part of their display or exhibit is required to order such items from the official catering facility at the hotel. You will need to work directly with the hotel for all catering needs.



The Executive Director of the International Communication Association, Inc., reserves the exclusive right to decline or prohibit any exhibit, part Information & Regulations 69th Annual ICA Conference Exhibitor Prospectus 7 of an exhibit, person, advertisement, souvenir or other feature or action deemed objectionable and/ or potentially harmful to the high standards of the Annual Meeting of ICA. All public space in the exhibit area and throughout the conference center is under joint control of the ICA Executive Director and the Washington Hilton and shall not be used for exhibit purposes without expressed written consent. If the operation of any equipment or apparatus produces noises or vibrations of sufficient volume, or odors found to be annoying to neighboring exhibitors or guests, it will be necessary to discontinue such operation. ICA endorses equal employment opportunity practices and accepts, on a priority basis, only exhibit applications from organizations that are not discriminatory on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, veteran status, physical ability, marital status, mental disability, or sexual orientation. Exhibits must be staffed at all times during exhibit hours. Exhibits must NOT be disturbed, dismantled, or removed before 12PM, Monday, 27 May. GDPR By contracting to exhibit at ICA, you have opted in to receive emails from ICA (and our official vendors) about our events, products, services and conference related logistics. We do not share, sell, or rent email addresses. Each communication from ICA will come with a link to unsubscribe or modify your preferences. The new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, effective 25 May 2018. GDPR sets new standards and compliance requirements for every company that holds or processes personal data. ICA is committed to high standards of information security, data privacy, and transparency, and to managing data in accordance with legislation and regulation, including but not limited to GDPR. ICA attests that it will comply with applicable GDPR regulations, and we encourage our exhibitors to become familiar with GDPR and to adapt their business processes, data management practices, and integrations to meet their GDPR obligations.



 ICA will contract with a drayage company for the handling of all exhibit material. Your exhibit material must be sent by the drayage company. We are also contracting with a customs broker to facilitate your shipments into Washington, DC. It is advisable to use the customs broker to ensure the delivery of your materials.



Approximately six weeks prior to the conference, each exhibitor will receive an Exhibitor’s Service Kit containing order forms, rental costs of booth furniture, additional draping, accessories, special work (such as carpentry, painting, additional signs, electrical work, floral decorating, photography, etc.) and information concerning shipment of exhibit materials. Exhibitors must contact ICA Conference Management before contracting with any outside contractors. DELIVERIES All packages sent to the hotel should be sent prepaid. Packages sent C.O.D. will be refused by the hotel, and the hotel will make no notifications to the shipper. The Package Room does not assume or accept any responsibility for shipments out of the hotel. Persons who ship parcels out of the hotel must have a method of payment or ship C.O.D. Shipments should arrive at the Washington Hilton at least three (3) working days, but not more than five (5), before the first day of the event. Handling charges will apply. The Package Room will not accept deliveries of crates or exhibit materials, so these deliveries must be coordinated through the exhibit company.



We do not encourage shipment directly to the hotel, at risk of hotel personnel misplacing shipments. We would advise using the Exhibit Service company.



Hotel security personnel will be on duty during the day events. Each exhibit must be staffed at all announced times by the exhibitor’s personnel. ICA will provide minimal overnight security. The exhibit area will be 69th Annual ICA Conference Exhibitor Prospectus 8 locked at night. It shall be agreed by the exhibitors and any riggers, haulers, or other contractors engaged for the purpose of moving exhibits and equipment into and out of the Hilton, that the Hilton shall be compensated for any expense incurred in repairing damages or injuries to the physical property of the hotel from the handling or movement of such exhibits and equipment on the premises. Nothing shall be posted, tacked on, nailed or screwed into, or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building or furniture. Any expenses incurred in properly protecting the building, equipment or furniture therein will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.



Be sure all of your merchandise, display equipment and materials are fully covered against fire, theft and all hazards while in transit to and from your space and for the duration of the conference. After materials are released by the freight line, the line is not responsible for condition, count or contents, until such time when the materials are again picked up for removal after the close of the exhibits. All orders received by the show contractor prior to removal of materials are subject to final count and correction made at time of actual removal. The handling of loose conference materials or those inadequately packed will be done at exhibitor’s risk. Neither the show contractor, the Association, nor the hotel is responsible for damages to such materials, nor will any of the above be responsible for concealed damages of material arriving and departing in cases, crates, cartons, packages, etc. Exhibitors are responsible for their individual exhibits during hours when the exhibit area is open. The association will have security guards roaming the area at the close of each day, however, neither the association, the show contractor nor the hotel assumes any liability for loss and exhibitors are requested to take normal precautions at all times.



ICA will offer a joint exhibit for publishers unable to send a representative to the conference. For a reduced fee, ICA will exhibit individual titles from any one publisher. Interested publishers/exhibitors should send an application to Jennifer Le at the ICA Headquarters requesting the joint exhibit option. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to send the materials to the conference center. There may be charges for any pickup, delivery, and/or storage of your materials under this arrangement. ICA will NOT be liable for any materials exhibited in this manner nor will ICA return such materials. Exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages and claims and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION and the Washington Hilton and their respective employees and agents against any claims or expenses arising out of the use of the exhibition premises or the Exhibitor’s activities. The Exhibitor understands that neither the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION nor the Washington Hilton maintain insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property, and it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain such insurance.



Full payment must accompany this form. All advertising copy/artwork to be included in the conference program must be received no later than 28 February 2019 and for the conference mobile app no later than 12 April 2019. Cancellation deadlines are as follows: • Full refund for cancellations received on or prior to 28 February 2019. • No refund for cancellations received after 28 February 2019.



All matters and questions not covered by these regulations are at the discretion of the ICA Conference Committee and/or Management and may be amended at any time. Any amendments to this document shall be equally binding upon publication on all parties affected by them, as are the original regulations. In the event of a dispute between an Exhibitor and the Conference Director, it is agreed that the dispute may be referred to the Executive Director of the International Communication Association for binding arbitration. 69th Annual ICA Conference Exhibitor Prospectus 9



ICA has very favorable room rates. For room reservations, the preferred method is online. The ICA Conference Team will provide a private link for a room block for exhibitors.



There is no official airline for this ICA Annual conference. Attendees should make any reservations through the website of the airline of their choice.



These regulations in their entirety, the official booth brochure, and enclosed attachments, if any, are a part of the contract between the exhibitor and the International Communication Association. They have been formulated in the mutual interest of the exhibitor, ICA and the conference facility. The Association respectfully asks the full cooperation of the exhibitors in their observance. All points not covered are subject to the decisions of the Association. The Association reserves the right to make any changes necessary to the best interests of the conference. These rules are intended to be clear and complete. However, should any disagreement or controversy arise concerning interpretation of these rules, regulations and information, or should a situation arise not adequately or specifically covered by these rules and regulations, then it is expressly agreed that the interpretation or the decision of the authorized agent of the International Communication Association with reference to such situation shall be conclusive, final and binding on all parties concerned or otherwise involved. In the event the exhibitor shall persist in the violation of any covenants or interpretations of these rules and regulations, after notice thereof, the Association may in its sole discretion cause the exhibitor’s display to be promptly closed. The Association, the show contractor, and the hotel facility shall not in any manner or for any cause be liable or responsible to the exhibitor for any injury or damage to him, his employees or his goods or other property brought upon the premises where the exhibit is held, and any and all claims for such injuries or damages are hereby waived. The exhibitor shall not assign or sublet any of the space granted to him as herein before set forth. ICA will make every effort to accommodate the space needs of exhibitors. It should be understood, however, that space is allocated on the basis of its availability at the time that a formal exhibit space contract is executed. Any estimates or other statements by ICA personnel concerning the anticipated availability of space are estimates only and do not serve to reserve, set aside or guarantee any space. ICA shall not be bound by any oral statement, but only by the formal space reservation agreement entered into between the Association and the exhibitor. In the event that the exhibitor desires to have the goods and other property brought upon the premises in which the conference is held insured against loss by fire or other casualty, he shall obtain such insurance at his own expense. The Association will not be responsible for the safety of such exhibits or the protection of such property against fire, theft, accident, damage in transit to the convention site or to the exhibitor’s booth or other cause. The exhibitor shall have the right, subject to the provisions herein contained, to arrange his exhibit within the space allotted to him in the manner deemed by him best fitted for displaying and demonstrating the goods manufactured and/ or sold by him. This right, however, is subject to the power and authority of the Association to require the exhibit to be arranged in such manner as not to interfere with other exhibits, and in particular those in close proximity to such exhibit of the exhibitor. The Association reserves the right to prohibit the arrangement of the exhibit or the display of any article therein in any manner that in its opinion is not in keeping with the nature and character of the entire conference or not in harmony with the other exhibits and the decorations of said building, to the end that the entire conference shall present unified appearance without any elements therein contained that will clash with or destroy in any way the advertising force of any other exhibit. The Association further reserves the right to prohibit any arrangement of the exhibit that in its opinion may in any way cause danger to persons attending the conference or any risk of injury to them. For further information or assistance, please contact: Katie Wolfe, Manager of Conference Services, kwolfe@icahdq.org or conference@icahdq.