Activism, Communication, and Social Justice Interest Group

Conference Call for Papers

Todd Wolfson, Vice-Chair and Program Planner
Journalism and Media Studies
Rutgers University
4 Huntington Street, New Brunswick, NJ

The Activism, Communication and Social Justice (ACSJ) Interest Group promotes research and teaching in the intersections of three key aspects of contemporary life as captured in its name. It strives for diversity in the representation of its membership and embraces pluralism and boldness in theory and methodology. It pushes the boundaries between theory and practice and between scholarship and activism by encouraging and facilitating dialogues and engagements.

For the 2020 ICA conference ACSJ invites submissions on the following topics:

  1. Conceptualization and theorization of the field of study (What is activism? What is social justice? What is communication? How are they related? What are the key questions to study? What theoretical resources are available?)

  2. Changing forms and meanings of activist media and mediated activism in world history

  3. Empirical and historical studies of the uses and meanings of media and communication in political processes ranging from revolutions and social movements to community activism and NGO action

  4. Studies of digital and online activism

  5. Historical and comparative studies of communicative practices and political activism

  6. Studies of media and transnational and global social movements

  7. Methodologies for the study of communication and activism

  8. Political culture, ideological discourse, and mediated activism

  9. Mediated activism and the building of activist communities

  10. Culture, communication, and activism

  11. Media and collective identity

  12. Media, memories, and activist generations

  13. Speech genres and social mobilization (e.g., manifestos, slogans, cartoons, memes)

  14. The political economy of mediated activism

  15. Everyday life, activism, and civic engagement

  16. Explorations into and critical engagement with the relationship between scholarship and activism

  17. Other topics related to the mission of ACSJ

The following submission formats are accepted:

Complete papers must not exceed 7,000 words in length (including references). Papers must adhere to the guidelines in the ICA general call for papers. Authors must not submit previously published papers. Papers authored by graduate students will be considered for the “ACSJ Top Student Paper Award.”

Organized panel submissions must include the following:

  1. A 400-word abstract for the panel.

  2. A 150-word abstract for each of the papers on the panel followed by a brief description of each panelist’s qualifications regarding the proposed topic.

  3. A 75-word description of the panel for the conference program

Roundtables feature five to six speakers with specific expertise to discuss issues or themes of broader interest. No formal papers are presented at Roundtables. A Roundtable proposal should include:

  1. A 400-word (maximum) abstract which explains the purpose and issues/themes as well as the role of each discussant

  2. An individual assigned to chair the Roundtable

Fishbowl should feature five to six initial speakers giving very brief provocative statements and start the discussion

  1. A 400-word (maximum) abstract which explains the purpose and issues/themes as well as the role of each discussant

  2. An individual assigned to chair the fishbowl