The HMC Preconference CFP: The full CFP will soon be on our website,, but here are some of the basic details:

Time/Date: 8:00-17:00, 21 May 2020
Location: On-site, Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
Cost: $75 faculty; $50 students
Theme: Open Questions in Human-Machine Communication

Brief description: The fifth annual pre-conference on Human-Machine Communication (HMC) aims to identify and explore the most pressing "open questions" surrounding communication between humans and technologies, such as chatbots, social robots and smart assistants. Scholars should address what they see as important open questions concerning the exchange of messages and creation of meaning between people and physical or virtual digital interlocutors, toward progressing theoretical and/or practical breakthroughs in relation to communication with these technologies and the discourses surrounding them. The pre-conference is open to all sorts of scholarship, both empirical and theoretical, quantitative and qualitative.

Submissions might consider questions relating to:
-Gender and communicative technologies such as chatbots, social robots and smart assistants
-Accessibility to such technologies for people with disabilities
-Uses to which communicative technologies are already being put and might be put in the future
-Ethical questions around technologies that communicate in humanlike ways
-Implications of integrating such technologies into people’s daily lives
-Potential repercussions of the increasing deployment of communicative machines for societies more broadly
-Specification of boundaries for convergence and divergence between human-human and human-machine communication practices
-Power relations between chatbots, social robots, smart assistants and humans
-Social representations and folk models of chatbots, social robots, and smart assistants

Submission format: Papers, 750-1000 words excluding references.
Submission deadline: 7 February 2020
Questions and submissions should be directed to Autumn Edwards,