2019 ICA Organizational Communication Doctoral Consortium

Theme: The Practice of Studying Communication Practice

Friday, May 24, 2019 (9 AM – 5 PM): Washington Hilton Hotel

This doctoral consortium is open to doctoral students at all levels of study. It offers an interactive forum where "seasoned" faculty share insights with young scholars seeking to maximize the potential impact of their research and teaching in organizational communication; it is also a venue for discussing professional and career issues relevant to doctoral students. The goal is to have participants leave with valuable advice and direction as they begin productive careers in organizational communication.


COST: $50


Over the history of the organizational communication field, the status of its central notion--communication--has generated significant debate. Though many acknowledge that communication is best understood as a complex and dynamic practice, our studies have frequently studied fairly conventional units of analysis: individuals, groups, organizations, links, messages, and the like. As the "practice turn" and the "ontological turn" gain steam among organizational communication scholars, analysts are increasingly challenged to relinquish their dependence on entities and their attributes and, instead, to re-imagine working and organizing such that our gaze remains always on communicative practice.

There are, of course, a wide array of approaches to studying and representing practice, but communication scholars still encounter significant challenges when they argue for the constitutive power of distinctly communicative practices. These challenges arise as we gather data and produce interpretations of those data, but they also influence numerous other scholarly activities. Specifically, they infuse our interactions with university colleagues (not to mention interviewers during the job search process), affect the accessibility of our pedagogy, and shape our stakeholder engagements in research and applied settings.

This day-long consortium will address these challenges, bringing together senior scholars who have spent the better part of their careers working through the complications involved in pursuing practice-based scholarship. They will offer advice and insights on topics including:

1. Methodological challenges of practice-based approaches to working and organizing

2. How to help others make sense of practice-based scholarship in the job search process

3. Making engaged scholarship both practice-based and practical

4. Imagining undergraduate teaching as a sociomaterial process

5. Publishing: Explaining the relevance of communicative practice outside the field

Faculty Mentors: