Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division

Conference Call for Papers

Dr. Sudeshna Roy – Chair

Department of Languages, Cultures and Communication

Stephen F. Austin State University, TX



Dr. Jason Vincent A. Cabañes – Vice-chair
Department of Communication 
De Sa Lalle University-Manila

The Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division (ERIC) is concerned with research that apply, extend or develop communication theory and analysis through an examination of race and ethnicity within local, national, international and transnational contexts. The Division is dedicated to hosting examples of interdisciplinary research at the intersections of race, ethnicity, diaspora, transnationalism, class, gender, sexuality, national identity, and other forms of identities. The 2020 ICA Conference theme, Open Communication, provides an opportunity to also analyse and reflect on how as scholars, teachers and activists, we can undertake research areas and processes that are truly inclusive and transparent so that people of every background and identity can relate to them and use them, without barriers, to understand and act on the world around us in meaningful ways. The Division further encourages submissions that take into consideration the impact of open science practices on critical, cultural approaches as opposed to the social scientific paradigm. What are the advantages and disadvantages of open science practices for scholars of race and ethnicity from regions deeply experiencing the digital divide? How can communication studies on race and ethnicity benefit from open science principles? In what ways do we have to engage with digital literacy to help future studies of race and ethnicity in communication that incorporates open science processes? What roles do mediums play in creating and sustaining channels for open science collaborations for studies in race and ethnicity in communication? What new possibilities in race and ethnicity in communication can be revealed through the use of open science processes? 

At a time when the world is being inexorably drawn into debates surrounding the credibility of ethnic and racial minority communities in dominant cultures, and even within the Discipline, this Division invites interdisciplinary papers that engage with a diverse variety of questions on ethnicity/race on their own or in combination with other topics such as national identity, diaspora, transnationalism, sexuality, and/or gender. Ethnicity/race must be an integral part of papers that include these or other related topics. Both theoretical and empirical approaches and submissions that address shifts in cultural, social, economic, political as well as technological fronts are welcome. ERIC also works to advocate for the improved status, representation and opportunities for scholars with non-Western perspectives and underrepresented scholars in communication.

 Submission Formats 

All submissions MUST follow the APA 6th edition style of formatting and citations.


Exclusive Submission 

The papers or panel proposals submitted to ERIC may not be submitted to any other ICA Division or Interest Group. Submitters can submit one paper, extended abstract or panel proposal, as the first author and up to three different papers, extended abstracts and/or panel proposals as an author not in the first position in collaborative works to ERIC. Please note that the paper, at the time of submission, should not have been published in the public domain (e.g. in a journal or edited collection). 


The 2020 submission website will be available as of September 4, 2019. All submissions are due online on November 1, 2019, 16:00 UTC (12 noon EST) (ICA Headquarters time). This deadline is strictly enforced. To reach the conference website, go to the ICA home page at and follow the link for 2020 Conference Submission section, which includes the general guidelines and instructions. It is essential that you read those guidelines and instructions carefully and prepare your submission prior to logging on to prevent being timed-out or related glitches. To avoid technical problems, early submission is strongly encouraged. Acceptance/rejection notices will be sent directly by ICA to submitters by mid-January 2020. 

Awards For Top Papers, Travel

Based on submission ranks as yielded through the review process, ERIC will confer “top paper” awards for the two highest ranked papers. There are separate awards for faculty and student papers. The Division will also offer student travel awards based on ranking and financial need. In order to be considered for any award, the recipient must be a member of the ERIC Division and should write directly to the Division Chair a short explanation (max. 400 words) describing the circumstances the student is facing with regard to fulfilling the financial aspect of conference travel. More details on how to apply for these awards will be sent to all members once the decisions on papers/panels have been released by the ICA. 

Contact us

If you have any questions about the ICA 2020 ERIC submission process, please contact Sudeshna Roy, the ERIC Division Chair at