Game Studies Division


Rabindra Ratan, Vice Chair
Michigan State U
College of Communication Arts & Sciences
404 Wilson Rd. East Lansing, MI 48823

Use the ICA’s ScholarOne paper management site to submit papers by 16:00 UTC on Thursday November 1, 2018. See the ICA’s general call for papers for more information. All relevant guidelines and requirements in the ICA’s general call for papers apply to submissions made to the Game Studies Division (such as formatting and registration requirements), but please note that GSD has specific requirements for each of its five submission types.


The ICA Games Studies Division welcomes research from multiple disciplines that investigates human communication related to games in some capacity, including the study of games themselves as well as communication phenomena associated with games.  Disciplinarily, the GSD fosters intersections between communication and media studies, cultural studies, social sciences, computer sciences, design, cognitive sciences, engineering, education, health studies, and information technology studies. Topically, in addition to (video/digital) games, the scope includes many forms of advanced media experiences (e.g., virtual environments) and simulations. In sum, the GSD could be characterized as providing a multidisciplinary forum for research related to games, advanced media experiences and/or simulations (GAMES).

More specifically, our division welcomes papers, panels, and poster presentations on topics involving (but not limited to) the following:

This list is far from exhaustive. We encourage submissions using a wide array of theoretical and methodological approaches (including but not limited to critical/rhetorical, qualitative, and quantitative research methods). Submissions are especially welcome for topics that are consistent with this year’s conference theme, Communication Beyond Borders.

Important notice: When submitting, please indicate in the abstract of your submission which of the five categories you are submitting under. Unfortunately, the paper management system does not provide an option to specify the discrete submission type (with exception for panels), so we are asking all submitted proposals to include in ALL CAPS the type of submission for the proposal.  This information should be at the very beginning of the abstract. This could be: RESEARCH PAPER, THEORY PAPER, FLASHLIGHT, PANEL PROPOSAL, POSTER PROPOSAL.

Please be aware that we are very strict on our submissions’ criteria. Submissions which do not meet the general ICA submission guidelines, the GSD-specific formal criteria listed below, and/or the kind of submissions explained below will be automatically excluded from the review process. We encourage all scholars to contact us directly, if any clarifications are needed, prior to submission. Student submissions must be clearly identified, with the understanding that student authors are the primary creators of the work and are the sole author or first author of any paper labelled as a student submission.

Submissions we consider for review:

Full research papers 

Full theoretical papers 


Panel proposals


Poster proposals 


Review Criteria. Reviewers will evaluate submissions based on these criteria: