Global Communication and Social Change Division


Radhika Gajjala, Vice Chair

School of Media and Communication

328 KNCR

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, OH 43402

Phone: 4193720586



The Global Communication and Social Change Division promotes research and critical analysis of issues relating to the production, distribution, content and reception of communications media and digital media exploring intersections of  global, transnational, transcultural, international and regional levels. Within this purview it encompasses work across a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches, concerning issues of media/ mediated communication in local, national, regional and global cultural, economic, political and social contexts. This can include studies of strategic mediated communication for development, social justice and social change, as well as critiques of development communication strategies.


Please note that it is not sufficient for submissions to simply proclaim a “global” status by addressing

communications in non-U.S contexts. Where papers and panels are based on empirical case studies,

they must relate relevant empirical cases to the broader field of global communication, which also includes the field of development communication.


The Division is seeking three types of submissions:


1) Papers (Submit as an individual submission)

Papers should be no longer than 25 pages of text, double-spaced in 12 point font. References, notes,

figures and tables can be additional to this page limit. There should be no identifying information in the

paper, the in-text citations or the references. Individual submissions must consist of completed papers.


2) Panels (Submit as a session)

Panel proposals should include information on the overall rationale of the session, including the main

area of inquiry providing cohesion to the session. Submitters should also provide the names and affiliations

of each participant, as well as abstracts of about 150 words each delineating the research focus

or contribution of each paper in the session. The intent of panel sessions is to allow participants to

present completed papers in a specific area of research.


3) Roundtables (Submit as a session)

The intent of the roundtables is to allow advanced researchers working in a particular area to share

their research in progress, and need not result in the presentation of completed papers. Those intending

to submit roundtable proposals are encouraged to contact the Division Vice Chair Radhika Gajjala at, well in advance of the deadline for papers and panels.


Finally if you are submitting - also consider reviewing for the division.