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Conference Call for Papers

Amanda Alencar, Vice Chair
Media and Communication | Erasmus University Rotterdam

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The Intercultural Communication Division (ICD) welcomes submissions that place emphasis on the intersections of human communication in cultural/intercultural contexts. Three kinds of submissions will be considered this year: (1) individual papers, (2) paper panels, and (3) posters.



The International Communication Association’s 70th Annual Convention will provide an important opportunity to advance the theme “Open Communication.” Open communication is a multifaceted process that includes intercultural practices, networks and spaces for promoting social connections, cooperation, and learning across different social, cultural, economic and political contexts. This theme addresses the relevance of examining the role of media and communication in open, dynamic processes related to culture and its various manifestations and implications, including but not limited to knowledge production, representations, relations, identities, beliefs, attitudes, values, meanings, hierarchies, borders and experiences. In focusing on this theme, the Intercultural Communication Division invites submissions that engage these questions, from any theoretical and methodological approach:

Submissions for the ICA 2020 must:

The following are the specific requirements for each submission category for ICD:


1. INDIVIDUAL PAPERS: These types of submissions should present complete papers on previously unpublished work on a topic of clear interest to members of the Division. Research papers should be written in a style that is accessible to a varied and international academic audience. Works in which culture is not an object of investigation or part of the discussion, but is instead the context or backdrop for a communication study, should be directed to other ICA Divisions. Papers that do not have common themes with other papers will be assigned to the poster session. Submitters can also indicate their preference to present their scholarly paper as an interactive poster presentation (details below). In accordance with ICA guidelines, papers should not exceed 8,000 words (not counting tables and references) and include a complete list of references. All submissions must provide a title, a 150- to 250-word abstract summarizing the topic and scholarly significance of the paper, and two or three keywords that identify the thematic focus of the work. Papers should be in 12-point type, double-spaced, and with 1-inch margins. All information identifying the author(s), including name(s), institutional affiliation(s), etc. should be removed.

2. PAPER PANELS: These proposals should include up to four papers organized around a coherent theme that will be of clear interest to members of the Division. If submitters wish to include a discussant, proposals should name the same person to serve as chair and discussant. Panels must bring together participants from various universities as well as from across geographical regions. Specifically, panels should include contributions from at least two different countries, and not more than one contribution from a single faculty, department or school. These submissions require a 400-word rationale, a 75-word description (for the conference program) summarizing the topic and scholarly significance of the session, and two or three keywords that identify the thematic focus of the session. Proposals should include names and institutional affiliation for each participant, a title, and a 150-to 250-word abstract for each paper to be featured in the session.

3. POSTER SESSION: All individual research papers submitted to the Division should

indicate whether submitters are willing to have their papers included in the Division’s

poster session for the 2020 conference. Submitters are strongly urged to propose papers that are particularly well suited to the visual/interactive format for the poster session and to select participants who will present their work making the best use of these formats.

Exclusive Submission

The papers or panel proposals submitted to ICD may not be submitted to any other ICA Division or Interest Group. 


The 2020 conference submission website will be available as of September 4, 2019. All submissions are due online no later than 16:00 UTC (12:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time)) on November 1, 2019. This deadline is strictly enforced. To reach the conference website, please visit the ICA homepage at and follow the link for 2019 Conference Submission section, which includes the general guidelines and instructions. It is essential that you carefully read those guidelines and instructions, and prepare your submission prior to logging in to prevent being timed-out or related glitches. To avoid technical problems, early submission is strongly encouraged. Acceptance/rejection notices will be sent directly by ICA to submitters by mid-January 2020.

Acceptance of individual papers and/or paper panels obligates one to attend the conference where the work is to be presented. ICD participants on the program who do not arrange for a substitute in the event of an emergency may receive negative points during conference program preparation in future.

Volunteer for Reviewer

As ICD continues to receive an increasing number of submissions, we need a large

pool of volunteer reviewers. We encourage faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, and practitioners with a PhD to review submissions. Once ICD approves you as reviewer, papers will be assigned based on your research areas. If you want to serve as reviewer for ICD, please register in the ICA submission site at the time of submission. Be sure to go over and update your research interests in your ICA member profile, and most importantly, carefully select 3-5 keywords that best describe your subfield and your methodological and theoretical orientations. It is also important to state how many papers you will be willing to review. ICD makes reviewer assignments based on this information and the keywords from the paper submissions.

Based on quality of feedback and timely submission of reviews, ICD will award 1-2 registration waivers to exceptional reviewers.

Awards for Top Papers

Based on submission ranks as yielded through the review process, ICD will confer “top paper”

awards for its four highest ranked papers. Also, an award will be given to the top poster presenter. 


If you have any questions about the ICA 2020 ICD submission process, please contact Amanda Alencar, the ICD vice chair at