Mass Communication Division

Conference Call for Papers

Heather LaMarre, Vice Chair

Associate Professor

Department of Communication and Social Influence

Klein College of Media and Communication

Temple University 



The Mass Communication Division welcomes extended abstracts (new since 2017), full paper submissions, and panel proposals on a broad range of topics that exemplify the societal importance and impact of mass communication in all its various forms. Topics of interest range from the content and psychological effects of media messages to interactions among media systems and political economy to comparative and international media concerns. Innovative research on factors that redefine the nature of mass communication and its changing role in society, international and comparative work, and integrative theoretical pieces are especially encouraged. The Division is committed to a range of theoretical and methodological approaches, and we welcome extended abstracts, full papers, and panel proposals using quantitative, qualitative, or interpretative approaches.

Extended Abstracts:

An extended abstract must be no longer than a maximum five-page double-spaced submission (includes all tables, figures, references).  The Division welcomes a wide range of epistemological foundations including (but not limited to) critical-cultural, quantitative-empirical, and qualitative-empirical foundations. Pure theory-based works are also welcome. Extended abstract of a project where data have been collected should include clear discussion of theory with literature foundation, method, data summary, and potential outcomes. In the extended abstract, the following two questions must be addressed: a) Does the project involve data collection? b) if yes, have data been collected? Feasibility of the completion of the project will be weighted highly in selection processes.

Full Papers:

Only completed full papers within the ICA limit of 25 pages (excluding references and tables) will be considered. Reviewers will be instructed to stop reading after 25 pages. If ALL of the authors are students, then the work should be designated a student paper and will then be deemed eligible for the student paper award competition.

Panel Proposals:

Panel proposals should include a rationale for the panel (400-word maximum), as well as the abstracts of each participant’s contribution (150-word maximum for each presenter). Reviewers will be asked to give extra weight to proposals that feature institutional and/ or national diversity.

The Division is always in need for reviewers for paper and panel submissions. Please volunteer for this important service to our scholarly community. Within ICA’s paper management system (where you submit papers) you will find a link labeled “Volunteer to be a Reviewer”. Please click on this link and fill in your information. Under “qualification”, please let us know your areas of expertise and check the keywords that best describe your interests. We will use this important information (especially the keywords) for matching submissions with reviewer interests as best we can. Thank you for your support of the competition!

All presenters must attend the conference if their work is accepted.