Title:  Computational Tools for Text Mining and Processing

Division Affiliation: Computational Methods

Time:  Thurs, 25 May; 9:00 – 17:00 

Location:  Hilton San Diego Bayfront   

Cost: $75.00 USD non-student, $50.00 USD student (lunch is not included)
Registration is open to all.

Limit:  18 min, 50 max 

Organizer(s):  Dror Walter, Wouter van Atteveldt, Sijia Yang

Description:  Based on a survey disseminated among several ICA divisions this workshop will engage with topics related to computational textual analysis: data acquisition (scraping and preprocessing), theme extraction (topic modelling and semantic networks) and classification/sentiment-analysis (machine learning). We hope participants will leave this full-day workshop not only with ready-to-use tools for their day-to-day research but also with a more comprehensive understanding of these methods’ assumptions, properties, theories and debates.

Sponsors: The Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania

Contact:  Dror Walter, dwalter@asc.upenn.edu