Title:  Political Communication Division PhD Student Preconference

Division Affiliation:  Political Communication

Time:  Thurs, 25 May; 9:00 – 17:00 

Location:  Hilton San Diego Bayfront   

Cost: $0.00 (lunch is included)
Registration is by invitation.

Limit:  18 min, 20 max 

Organizer(s):  Peter Van Aelst, Kimberly Gross, Thomas Zerback

Description:   This preconference has three main goals. 1) Get feedback from senior colleagues and peers on your PhD research. 2) Provide insights on important aspects of academia such how to publish, research ethics, and building a CV. 3) Cultivating a network among young political communication scholars.

Contact:  Peter Van Aelst, peter.vanaelst@uantwerpen.be