Title:  Political Communication in the Online World: Empirical Findings and Theoretical Perspectives

Division Affiliation:  Political Communication, Communication and Technology

Time:  Thurs, 25 May; 9:00 – 17:00 

Location:  Hilton San Diego Bayfront  

Cost: $60.00 USD 
Registration is open to all.

Limit:  45 min, 60 max 

Organizer(s):  Patrick Roessler, Barbara Pfetsch, Gerhard Vowe

Sponsor(s):  Research group "Political Communication in the Online World" (funded by the German Research Foundation)

Description:  The preconference addresses substantial changes in political communication that have resulted from an increasing relevance of online media. The preconference will include conclusions of the research on political communication in the online world up until now, and it will include outlooks on future research: both in respect to empirical research, theories, and methods. For this, distinguished scholars from different fields of research and countries are brought together to present and discuss their work. Thus, the preconference provides a fresh update on the latest theoretical and analytical developments within a highly dynamic area of research, interlinked with several types of methodological innovation. 

Contact:  Gerhard Vowe, vowe@uni-duesseldorf.de