Title:  Strategic Environmental Communication and Exploration of Research in Crisis, Risk and Disaster

Division Affiliation(s):  Environmental Communication and Public Relations

Time:  Thurs, 25 May; 9:00 - 17:00

Location:  Hilton San Diego Bayfront   

Cost: $50.00 USD (lunch is included)
Registration is open to all. 

Limit:  25 min, 30 max 

Organizer(s):  Mildred F. Perreault, Bruno Takahashi

Sponsor(s):  Sponsors will be the Disaster and Community Crisis Center at the U of Missouri, and Penn State College of Communications Science Communication Program.

Description:  This session examines the intersections of conversations taking place in Crisis, Risk and Disaster communication in the fields of Environmental Communication, Crisis Communication, Public Relations and Journalism. Scholars in these fields will discuss the theories and challenges of environmental crises and disasters. Scholars will also discuss how these strategic approaches often inform a collective understanding of environmental issues.

Contact:  Mildred F. Perreault, perreaultmf@appstate.edu