ICA 2018 Preconference: “Deliberative Pedagogy, Theory and Practice”


Sara Mehltretter Drury, Wabash College, United States
Idit Manosevitch, Netanya Academic College, Israel
Carmen Greab, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

 In this preconference we seek to expand the discussion about deliberative pedagogy and its potential applications in communication scholarship and teaching. We invite proposals that discuss ways by which civic engagement and/or deliberative engagement may be incorporated within the academic teaching of communication and other relevant fields (e.g. politics, leadership studies, civic engagement and service learning).

 The methodologies of deliberative pedagogy were recently publicized in the edited volume, Deliberative Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning for Democratic Citizenship (eds. Shaffer, Longo, Manosevitch, and Thomas, Michigan State University Press, 2017)More than a single set of methods, deliberative pedagogy is “…is simultaneously a way of teaching that is itself deliberative and a process for developing the skills, behaviors, and values that support deliberative practice. Perhaps most important, the work of deliberative pedagogy is about space-making: creating and holding space for authentic and productive dialogue conversations that can ultimately be not only educational but also transformative.” (Longo, Manosevitch, & Shaffer, 2017, xxi). 

 The field of communication offers many courses with inherent connections to key aspects of deliberative pedagogy in various of areas including public speaking, political communication, leadership studies, and more. Additionally, deliberative pedagogy provides a pathway to interdisciplinary collaboration in the classroom.

 In this preconference workshop, participants will engage in a seminar-style discussion about the theory of deliberative pedagogy.  A seminar reading list will be distributed in advance.  The afternoon portion of the workshop will be devoted to planning how to incorporate deliberative pedagogy into teaching, practice, and/or scholarship.  Participants will be in small groups led by a mentor to ensure that they leave the preconference with an individualized plan for utilizing deliberative pedagogy.

 We welcome participants from all stages of academic careers, including graduate students, experienced faculty, and administrators.  There is no fee for this preconference, as it is generously supported through a joint learning agreement with the Kettering Foundation.  Participants will be asked to submit a survey and reflection after the preconference that will be shared with the Kettering Foundation.

 Participants for this seminar should submit a 1-page proposal that details:

(1)   Name
(2)   Institution, with details about the institution (e.g., a mid-sized liberal arts university, or a large research-intensive university)
(3)   Position/Role at their institution
(4)   A discussion of the participant’s interest in deliberative pedagogy, including a proposed course or activity that the participant may use for the afternoon workshop session of the preconference.
(5)   Any questions or concerns for the workshop organizers

 Proposals should be emailed to and are due 12 January 2018.  Participants will be notified of their selection by 26 January 2018.

 Questions on this preconference can be directed to Sara A. Mehltretter Drury,