Philosophy, Theory and Critique Division


Jayson Harsin, Vice Chair
Global Communications Department
American U of Paris
147 rue de Grenelle
Paris 75007

The Philosophy, Theory and Critique (PTC) Division invites the submission of papers and/or panels for the 2019 conference in Washington D.C. The PTC Division is broadly concerned with the critical theoretical, analytical and political issues that cut across the various boundaries that are often taken for granted within the study of communication. Its primary goal is to provide a forum in which scholars can explore the relations and intersections between the study of communication and the range of contemporary theoretical and philosophical concerns, arguments and positions, especially those concerned with social, political, or cultural critique. It is also committed to providing a space for those emergent interests, as well as empirical research, which challenge the common sense assumptions currently guiding our understanding of the practice of communication. Work presented in PTC is wide-ranging including research on the nature of communication, media, mediation and (digital) technology; questions of power, subjectivity and experience; critical theories of data, surveillance and digital labour; the social production of knowledge; philosophy and ethics of communication; issues of citizenship, participation, recognition and the public sphere(s); and nationalism, cosmopolitanism and power in various forms (symbolic, institutional, economic, technological, etc.). Members bring different theoretical and philosophical orientations to bear upon these topics, including phenomenology and hermeneutics, Marxism, feminism, critical theory, media theory, pragmatism, social theory and cultural critique. We welcome the submission of empirically informed work that engages with, and makes a contribution to critical theoretical or philosophical debates.


The PTC Division will accept submissions in three formats this year:


1. Full paper submissions of up to 25-30 pages (double spaced, about 7000-8000 words) excluding references and illustrative material). Papers must be original to ICA, i.e., you should not submit work already published elsewhere. In preparing your submission please remove all author information from the manuscript, including metadata, to facilitate the process of blind peer review.


2. Panel submissions. Panels provide a good forum for the discussion of new approaches and innovative ideas. Panel proposals should include 4-5 paper presenters (if a designated respondent is required, then 4 presenters only please). Please consider forgoing a respondent in favour of an additional presenter. Panel submissions should include the following:

Please note that the ICA’s online conference submission system may offer different word length limits but the limits stated above take precedence.


3. Roundtable submissions. Roundtables provide an opportunity for a larger panel (maximum 6 participants) to offer short position statements on a topic of major interest or controversy. If you plan to submit a roundtable proposal, please submit the same details as for a panel, except that abstracts from each panelist should be 100-150 words in length and no respondent is required.


Full papers, panel and roundtable proposals can be on any aspect, theme or approach that fits the PTC remit.

If you have any questions concerning these formats or general enquiries regarding your individual submission, please contact the 2019 conference planner and PTC vice-chair, Jayson Harsin ( All submissions will go through a process of blind peer review and ICA will notify you if your paper has been accepted in mid-January.


Please Volunteer to Review Papers and Panels!

Given the usual high number of papers/panels/roundtable proposals, we encourage you to review papers and panels for PTC. If you are interested and have not already volunteered for the coming year, please e-mail Jayson Harsin, providing some details about your expertise and contact information. You can also nominate yourself on the ICA website.