Peter Lang Book Series: Cultural Media Studies CFP

Co-Editors: Leandra H. Hernández, PhD, and Amanda R. Martinez, PhD


Series Description:

In the past few years, our political, cultural, and media landscapes have cultivated a sharp, notable rise of media activism, more representations of diverse group members, and the need for intersectional approaches to media studies. The #MeToo campaign, the 2017 and 2018 Women’s Marches, Black Lives Matter marches, cross-border anti-feminicide activist marches, immigration marches, and increased representation of diverse genders, sexualities, racial and ethnic groups are evidence of the need for continued research on cultural media studies topics. The Peter Lang Cultural Media Studies Book Series invites book proposals for manuscripts on a rolling basis for media studies books that explore media production, media consumption, media effects, and media representations of feminism(s), race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and related topics.

Potential topics could include but are not limited to:

-  Feminism: new feminist movements, the #MeToo campaign, the 2017 and 2018 Women’s March, women activists, international and transnational feminist organizing initiatives, intersectionality in feminist contexts, feminism and shortcomings, new directions of genderqueer and inclusive accomplice-activism, feminist rhetorics, gendered imagery in media over the last half century (particularly concerning affects and effects), and women in academia and other realms of the workforce.

-  Gender & Sexuality: media representations of transgender people, media representations of diverse gender identities, gendered marketing and advertising, media effects on transgender individuals, media effects of transgender individuals, societal views and potential sites of disruption and challenge to the status quo of gender roles and gender norms in diverse contexts.

-  Race/Ethnicity: Latinx populations and the media, the Black Lives Matter movement and netroots activism (in particular its media and social media impacts), immigration/immigrants and the media (particularly in DACA contexts), international media attention to immigration (both in the US and Europe) and the backlash (such as social media groups, etc.) that have come from it, online activism and (sl)ac(k)tivism, #activism and impacts on media coverage, advertising and different racial/ethnic/cultural groups, and the construction of different racial/ethnic/cultural consumer groups.

This list is not exhaustive, and we are open to topics related to cultural media studies that are not listed above. This series is open to proposals from scholars representing communication, media studies, journalism, women, gender, and sexuality studies, American studies, sociology, and other disciplines whose work interrogates and explores these topic intersections. A wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome in proposals for the series.

Successful proposals will include a fully developed book proposal meeting all required information in the book call and 1-2 sample chapters. Successful books aim to be accessible to an interdisciplinary audience, advance our understanding of contemporary approaches to cultural media studies, and enrich our conversations about the importance of cultural media studies in today’s political and cultural landscape.


If you have questions about the series, feel free to contact Leandra H. Hernandez, Ph.D., (, Amanda R. Martinez, Ph.D., (, and Kathryn Harrison (

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Please send completed book proposals and 1-2 sample chapters to and for review. The series co-editors will manage all correspondence by email.