Call for abstracts for a paper panel on "whitewashing" in US popular culture

I’m seeking abstracts for a session on “whitewashing” in US popular culture.

The paper panel will bring together scholars who are producing work on the “whitewashing” of Asian/American characters and stories in Hollywood.  As Nishime (2017) argues, whitewashing is under-theorized despite its salience in popular culture.  As Asian American scholars, activists, and fans have pointed out, there have been numerous movies that have replaced Asian/American characters with White characters in adaptations of stories based on real stories such as 21, replacement of popular anime and manga figures with White actors and actresses in movies such as Ghost in the Shell, White actors playing Asian/American and multiracial characters in films such as The Martian, Dr. Strange, and Aloha.  Activists have also positioned movies that prominently place White characters, usually as White saviors, in Asian stories as whitewashed, including films like The Great Wall or White escape from Asian chaos and destruction in films like No Escape.  The purpose of the panel is to investigate and to begin to theorize whitewashing as related to but different from Whiteness theory and White appropriation. 

Papers might include but are not limited to the following topics:

-       Theoretical essays on Whitewashing

-       Representations of Whitewashing

-       Reception of Whitewashed films and television

-       Paratexts on Whitewashed representation

-       Online discourse about Whitewashing in films and television

-       Hashtags like #StarringJohnCho that symbolically challenge Whitewashing

Please send abstracts of roughly 100-150 words, a title, and your contact information to David Oh at