Affiliate Journals Criteria & Application
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Criteria for submission and standards for consideration as an affiliate journal and the application form can be found below.

Please consider these before you begin the application process. If you have any questions contact Cynthia Stohl, Chair, Affiliate Journal Committee at or Tom Mankowski, ICA Publishing Operations Director at

1. The journal needs to demonstrate national or international evidence of its high quality.

2. The journal either has, is working toward ISI designation, or although not officially designated an ISI journal meets the criteria needed for an ISI designation (see http://isi- This is an umbrella criterion that will assure that the journal meets ICA standards (see ) including the international nature of the editorial board, rejection/acceptance rates, and time to publishing decision. Although acceptance rates sometimes vary across and within ICA journals our target acceptance rate is between 7 and 12%. Similarly, review times vary for acceptances, rejections, first decisions and final decisions, but overall our expectation is somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks from submission to first decision. Our journals average 82 days from submission to final decision . 

3. The journal is indexed and/or abstracted in an accessible bibliographic database.

4. The journal content is of interest to a broad group of ICA members across divisions, interest groups, theoretical orientations, and methodologies.

5. The journal has an editorial board that represents the diverse range of interests of ICA Members.

6. The journal must have an editorial board that includes well-known scholars who are active in the international communication community. (This criterion applies to the last three years of publication)

7. A majority of articles published each year in the journal are refereed and are open submission. In other words, an affiliate journal cannot primarily be composed of special issues or invited pieces. (This criterion applies to the last three years of publication).

8. There is a defined schedule of publication (at least three issues per year) that has been adhered to for the past three years.

9. Extended abstracts in English will be made available on line for all articles published in each issue.

10. Academic freedom is a fundamental principle of the journal. Editorial decisions must be based on the intellectual quality of the work, neither the political nor ideological nature of the work. This includes freedom from interference of publishing decisions by third parties.

11. Submission process is electronic

12. The journal itself (not ICA) is responsible for all publication costs.

Procedures for Institutional review of journal

1. Every year the journal editor will write a report (template will be developed) that will be submitted to ICA board one month before the annual meeting.

2. If the journal is not meeting the criteria above, the editors are made aware of what needs to be corrected—a time period for correction is given and then if they still don't meet standards the affiliate relationship is broken. The review will be conducted by an appointed committee who makes recommendation to the ICA board who would need to approve the decision.

ICA commitments

1. Include information about our affiliate journals on the ICA website

2. Provide space for journal in exhibition hall at our annual conference

3. Provide a session (in English) at our annual conference that highlights research articles published in our affiliated journals during the past year. During the initial phase, this panel will be organized jointly by the editors of each affiliate journal.

To apply for Affiliate Journal Status please fill out the online application form. If anything needs to be sent in hard copy, it can be mailed to: 1500 21st Street, NW, Washington D.C. 20036. Electronically to

NOTE: All applications must be accompanied by:

1. A general statement regarding the suitability of journal for ICA Affiliate Status
2. An English translation of the table of contents for the past four issues
3. An English translation of the journal’s “Call for papers”
4. An English translation of the statement of the scope of the journal
5. Copies of the last four issues of the journal. These may be submitted electronically or by hardcopy to ICA headquarters.

APPLICATION FORM BELOW. We recommend you save your answers in a separate working document and then, when completed, cut and paste your answers into this form to submit.