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Calls For Paper
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Calls for Papers

24 May 2019 ICA Preconference: The Long History of Modern Surveillance Washington, D.C., USA 30 November 2018
 24 May 2019 ICA Preconference: New Conceptualizations and Research to inform Message Testing: Perceived Message Effectiveness and Its Alternatives Washington, D.C., USA 14 December 2018
24 May 2019 ICA Preconference: Taming and Nurturing the Wild Child: Government and Corporate Policies for Social Media Washington, D.C., USA 15 December 2018
29 May 2019  ICA Postconference: Creator Governance: Platforms, Policies, Rights, and Regulation Washington, D.C., USA 15 December 2018
23 May 2019  ICA Preconference: Boundary conditions in mobile communication: 16th annual ICA Mobile Pre-conference 2019 Washington, D.C., USA  31 December 2018
24 May 2019  ICA Preconference: Digital Asia: Social Change, Engagement and Communication Beyond Boundaries Washington, D.C., USA  5 January 2019
 7-12 April EGU General Assembly: Center for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics  Vienna, Austria 10 January 2019
 3-4 May 2019  (Un)bound: Interdisciplinary Dialogues Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   11 January 2019
 24 May 2019  ICA Preconference:Are We Moving Towards Convergence? Revisiting communication disciplines, theories, models and concepts.  Washington, D.C., USA  15 January 2019
 29 May 2019 ICA Postconference: Building Bridges Between Scholarship and Advocacy for Digital Media Policy  Washington, D.C., USA 18 January 2019
 24 May 2019 ICA Preconference: Half-day ICA Pre-conference PhD Workshop in Public Relations and Strategic Communication  Washington, D.C., USA  20 January 2019
 24 May 2019  ICA 2019 Preconference: Journalism Studies Graduate Student Colloquium  Washington, D.C., USA  21 January 2019
11-13 April 2019 What is Technology? University of Oregon Portland 21 January 2019
 29 May 2019 ICA Postconference: Politics, Gender and Communication: Theoretical Insights and Empirical Evidence  Washington, D.C., USA 23 January 2019
 24 May 2019  ICA Preconference: Crafting Theory. Methods of theory building in communication  Washington, D.C., USA  25 January 2019
 4-5 April 2019 Global Sustainable Development Goals in a Mediatized World International Symposium   25 January 2019
 1-4 April 2019  Third Spring School on Media Systems: Comparative and Transnational Perspectives. Focus on Central Eastern Europe  Perugia, Italy  27 January 2019
 9-10 May 2019  International e-Conference on Cancer Research 201  10 Granville Rd, London, UK  28 January 2019
 24 May 2019  ICA Preconference: North Korea and Communication Washington, D.C., USA  30 January 2019
 23 May 2019   ICA Preconference: Digital Journalism in Latin America Washington, D.C., USA  31 January 2019
 23 May 2019  ICA Preconference: Beyond Germany: German Media Theory in a Global Context  Washington, D.C., USA 31 January 2019
 5-8 August 2019  WERA FOCAL MEETING  The University of Japan, Toyko   31 January 2019
 24 May 2019   ICA Preconference:Engaged Journalism: Bridging Research and Practice Washington, D.C., USA   1 February 2019
 24 May 2019 ICA Preconference: Crossing Boundaries in Visual Communication Research Washington, D.C., USA   1 February 2019
 24 May 2019  ICA Preconference #CommunicationSoWhite: Discipline, Scholarship, and the Media  Washington D.C., USA 7 February 2019
 24 May 2019 ICA Preconference: Internet Governance and Communication Beyond Boundaries  Washington D.C., USA  11 February 2019
 24 May 2019 ICA Preconference: Environmental Communication Without Boundaries: Second Annual Environmental Communication Graduate Student Pre-Conference   Washington D.C., USA  15 February 2019
 24 May 2019  ICA Preconference Organizational Communication Doctoral Consortium Theme: The Practice of Studying Communication Practice Washington, D.C., USA  18 February 2019 
 PUBLICATION Journal of Advertising Special Issue on Advertising in Asia: Theories and Implications for Practice PUBLICATION  31 January 2019
 PUBLICATION Misogyny, Media and the Clash of Cultures:CALL FOR CHAPTERS  PUBLICATION 31 January 2019
 PUBLICATION  Call for Chapter Proposals Children’s Toys and Consumer Culture: Critical Perspectives on the Marketing of Children’s Play  PUBLICATION 1 March 2019
 PUBLICATION International Journal of Ad hoc, sensor & Ubiquitous Computing (IJASUC) PUBLICATION    
 PUBLICATION Research Chapters for Second Edition of Handbook of Visual Communication PUBLICATION   

Peter Lang Book Series: Cultural Media Studies CFP

 30 March 2019 Balancing the Mix: A One-Day Conference on Popular Music and Social Justice  University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 24 September 2018
 12-15 July 2019  IAICS 2019 - East/West: New Divisions, New Connections in a Populist Political Reality  Brno, Czech Republic  15 November 2018
 9-11 August 2019  Walt Whitman International Festival (WWIF)  Walt Whitman Birthplace Association  1 November 2018

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