Calls For Paper
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Calls for Papers

15-18 April 2020


Philadelphia, PA USA 1 November 2019
  Reading for Anorexia Therapy  The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities 7 November
 3-4 June 2020 LEAVING SCHOOL EARLY: Causes, consequences and preventive policies Beni Mellal, MOROCCO 30 November 2019
16-17 April 2020  Women in digital world Columbia University, New York, USA  1 December 2019
 21 May 2020 Preconference: Conceptualizing a "Post-American" Internet: Technology, Governance, and Geopolitics 2020 ICA conference venue, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA 1 December 2019
27-28 May 2020 Postconference: International Cultures of Journalism Conference: ICJ2020  Sydney, AUSTRALIA 1 December 2019
20 May 2020 Preconference:Emerging Media and Social Change: The Asian-Pacific Experience in Global Context (Also the 9th Global Communication Forum) UNSW Sydney, AUSTRALIA 1 December 2019 and 15 January 2020 
 27 May 2020 Postconference: The 18th Chinese Internet Research Conference: The internationalisation of China's digital and communication industries RMIT University 124 La Trobe St, Melbourne, Vic, AUSTRALIA 10 January 2020 
September 2020 Call for Draft Chapters African Screen Worlds: An International Workshop  SOAS, University of London, UNITED KINGDOM 15 January 2020
 20 May 2020 Preconference: Communication for Social Change: Activism, Trust-building, Responsiveness, and Responsibility Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Gardens Point campus, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA 17 January 2020
 21 May 2020 Preconference: Digital Cultures of South Asia: Inequalities, Infrastructures, Informatization 2020 ICA Main Conference Venue, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA  20 January 2020
 21 May 2020 Preconference:Opening up the meanings of "the professional": professional work and professionalism in communication studies Bond University  31 January 2020
 PUBLICATION Eyewitness Textures: User Generated Content & News Coverage in the 21st Century PUBLICATION 15 October 2019
 PUBLICATION  CMA Review Series: Call for Reviews PUBLICATION 31 October 2019
 PUBLICATION Call for Papers: Uses and Effects of Smart Media: How AI Impacts User Experience  PUBLICATION  15 November 2019
 PUBLICATION CFP Public Relations Review: Special Issue: A Public Relations Perspective of Engagement, Social Impact and Social Licence to Operate PUBLICATION  15 November 2019
 PUBLICATION  Call for CBQ Journal Book Reviewers PUBLICATION  
25-27 October 2019  “What Is Labor in the Digital Age”: International Conference on Digital Labor (ICDL)   Shanghai, CHINA 15 August 2019
2 November 2019  THESIS WRITING Benin City, NIGERIA  30 September 2019
14-15 November 2019 4th International Teaching Forum: INNOVATIVE TEACHING PEDAGOGIES, INTERCULTURALITY AND TRANSVERSAL SKILLS   Clermont-Ferrand (FRANCE) 15 May 2019
16-18 April 2020  Media Industries 2020: Global Currents and Contradictions Kings College, London, UNITED KINGDOM  16 September 2019 
 9 May 2020  Liberalism Inc. - 200 Years of the Guardian Goldsmiths, University of London, UNITED KINGDOM  30 September 2019