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DC 2019 - Conference FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions



When is the paper submission website open, and when is the deadline?

The conference paper submission website goes live on 4 September 2018. All submissions must be completed online no later than 16:00 UTC (12:00 PM EST), 1 November 2018. To avoid technical problems, early submission is strongly encouraged. Submit here:

Where do I go to submit my individual submission or my panel proposal?

To access our paper submission website, follow this link: To find the link on the ICA website, go to the Conferences tab, hover over the 69th Annual Conference tab and click on the first drop down: Paper Submission Website.

I would like to submit a Blue Sky Workshop, I heard the timeframe changed this year? Where can I submit it?

We have changed the submission time for Blue Sky Workshops to match the conference paper submissions, from 4 September - 1 November. Please go to the paper submission website, select session proposal to submit your Blue Sky Workshop and choose Sponsored Session.

How do I login to the paper submission website? What are my login credentials?

With our new paper submission website everyone will have to create a new profile. The paper submission website is no longer linked to your ICA membership. Create your new profile within the paper submission website.

Do I have to be an ICA member to submit?

You do not need to be an ICA member to submit. But, to log into the paper submission website to submit, everyone will need to have a ScholarOne profile.

What are the general guidelines for submitting my paper or panel?

General Guidelines for All Submissions

ALL Divisions and Interest Groups will accept only online submissions for the conference. Specific questions regarding a Division or Interest Group program should be directed to the program planner for that Division or Interest Group.

The guidelines apply to ALL submissions, including theme sessions and proposals by affiliate organizations. NOT FOLLOWING THE GUIDELINES MAY DISQUALIFY YOUR SUBMISSION FROM REVIEW.


Eligibility: You do not need to be an ICA member to submit a paper or proposal for the conference. Simply go to the paper submission site by clicking the link in the “Conferences” area of the ICA website. You will be prompted to search for yourself in our database. If you see a record that corresponds to you (even if it has old information—you will be able to update it), click “This is me” to the left of your name and log in. (If you don’t remember your login information, click “Forgot your Password?” We will send your login information to the e-mail address we have on file.) Once you have logged in, update your profile - please consider carefully the keywords that identify your area of expertise - or scroll down to continue to the submission site.

E-mail address: Each conference participant must use one and only one e-mail address for all submissions. If you are an ICA member, this should be the same e-mail address you have entered into the ICA membership database. You should consider this your unique identification for all ICA purposes. 

Exclusive submissions:  Each paper/proposal may be submitted to only one Division or Interest Group, OR to the theme sessions. Submission of the same paper/proposal to more than one section is not permitted, and will disqualify the paper for presentation. You are welcome, however, to submit different papers or proposals to the same or different sections.

Categories of Submissions: Several categories of submissions may be accepted, depending on the submission guidelines of the specific Division or Interest Group. NOT FOLLOWING THE GUIDELINES MAY DISQUALIFY YOUR SUBMISSION FROM REVIEW.

What is considered for the 5 peer-reviewed submissions limit?

Any authorship, whether first or co-authored is limited to 5 submissions total. Participating as a Session Organizer, Chair, or Respondent does not count against the 5 limit.

How do I submit my paper, extended abstract, or interactive paper?


Author identification: Names must be removed for blind reviews of submissions. Before uploading your paper, remove all author identification from the document including any file properties. (For example, in MS Word, in the “File” menu, select “Properties,” delete any identifying information, click “OK,” and save the document.) NOT FOLLOWING THE GUIDELINES MAY DISQUALIFY YOUR SUBMISSION FROM REVIEW.

Texts needed: If your panel session will include individual presentations, you (the session organizer) also need to obtain a title and 150-word abstract from each presenter before submitting. Also before submitting, you need to prepare a 400-word rationale for your panel proposal and a 75-word panel description for the conference program.

Additional information: Title, author(s), a 150-word abstract, and other information (e.g., student authorship, special requests) must be entered online when you submit your paper, poster, or extended abstract. To begin the submission process, visit the conference page on the ICA website, register as a submitter, select the Division or Interest Group and type of submission, enter all required information, click “Continue,” AND follow the instructions to upload your document. You must upload a paper, poster, or extended abstract in order to complete the submission process.

How do I submit my panel session proposal?


Registering panelists: All panelists must agree in advance of submission to participate as panel presenters AND to register for the ICA conference. ICA does NOT provide registration waivers for members or for nonmembers participating in panels.

Texts needed: If your panel session will include individual presentations, you (the session organizer) also need to obtain a title and 150-word abstract from each presenter before submitting. Also before submitting, you need to prepare a 400-word rationale for your panel proposal and a 75-word panel description for the conference program.

Entering the panel: If you are the panel organizer, once you have the required information for each participant, you will then visit the website, submit the panel proposal, and enter all panel information. You will be able to enter the panel title, rationale, panel description, chair/discussant, presentation titles, abstracts, and any other required information by cutting and pasting the text from your word-processing program.

I'm having trouble with the ScholarOne website. Where can I go for help?

ScholarOne has their own Help Desk. Please click on the "Help" link in the paper submission website, located in the upper right corner of the site. You can also refer to the submission tutorial pdf.

What are the different individual submission types?
Full Papers   8,000 words maximum, not including tables and references, unless Division or Interest Group guidelines state otherwise. (Where ICA guidelines and Division or Interest Group guidelines differ, the Division or Interest Group guidelines will prevail.)
Extended Abstracts   A few Divisions and Interest Groups accept either full papers or extended abstracts. Consult the Division’s or Interest Group’s submission guidelines in this Call for Papers for specific information. 
Interactive Paper (Poster) Presentations   Most Divisions and Interest Groups accept poster presentations. A poster presentation is a paper you would like considered for presentation at an interactive poster session. Some research lends itself well to this style of presentation. If your poster presentation is accepted, you will be expected to prepare a poster display of your research for presentation at the conference. Your presentation may be accepted as a poster display even though you submitted for a paper session. If your submission is accepted as a poster, you will be expected to prepare a poster display of your research for presentation at the conference. Poster sessions have plenary status at ICA conferences. 

What are the different session submission types?
Panel Session Proposals   A coordinated paper session that is submitted for consideration as a panel instead of as individual papers. Most Divisions and Interest Groups and the theme sessions accept proposals for organized panel sessions.
High Density Panels   Paper sessions in which each speaker has fewer minutes to present, but there are more scholars on the panel (typically 8 presenters).
Roundtable (Panel Sessions)   A gathering of scholars with similar research interests for in-depth, focused discussion/exploration.
Interactive Paper (Poster) Sessions   A session in which participants present paper in poster format and interact with attendees in an interpersonal setting.
Extended Sessions   Sessions that are twice as long as the typical 75-minute time allotment in order to provide the time and space for unique programming (e.g., performance, documentary screening/discussion, etc.)
Hybrid Paper/Poster Sessions   Presenters each speak for a few minutes (offering a "teaser presentation") but then join their posters for more interpersonal interaction about their work.

How do I edit or delete my submission?

Editing your submission Up until the deadline of 16:00 UTC 1 November, you may return to the conference website, select “View/Edit a previous submission,” click on the title of the submission you wish to change, and edit the information or delete the submission. Follow online instructions for editing submissions.

Changing Unit: You also CANNOT simply change the unit (Division or Interest Group) to which you submitted. If you need to send your submission to a different unit, you can do so in either of two ways: (1) Delete your submission and resubmit to a different unit, OR (2) e-mail your request to the Conference Services Team, who can transfer your submission to a different unit.

When will I hear back about my submission results?

ICA will send out submission letter results on 16 January via email.


How do I register for conference?

Most attendees register online in advance. Online registration generally opens mid January and closes early May.  Follow the link to register online from the main conference page.  Onsite registration, in person, is also available during conference. 

Do I have to be a member to attend conference?

No, you do not need to be a member of ICA to register and attend the annual conference. However, ICA recommends joining before registering for conference to take advantage of reduced member conference prices. 

How do I cancel my registration?

To cancel your registration and request a refund, send an email with a reason for the request to ICA will process requests made for refunds on or before 16:00 UTC on 30 April. Refunds will be made in the form of the original payment and are subject to the cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued after 16:00 UTC on 30 April. All transactions made after that time or no-shows to the Annual conference are ineligible for a refund. More information regarding refunds/cancellations is detailed on the conference registration pricing page found in the conference section of our website. 

I am in the middle of registration, why am I seeing the US$600 price for conference?

You are seeing the US $600 price because your membership is inactive, or you may not be logged into your active profile. If you renewed your membership, make sure you are logged in before visiting the conference site. If you are a paper submitter, follow the prompts to renew.

Can I pay for my conference registration by bank transfer?

Bank Wire Payments are only accepted for Early Registrations. The registration form and a receipt showing the wire transfer has been initiated is due by the early registration deadline.  

What funding/financial assistance is available?

ICA-wide conference travel grants are available for those who are deemed eligible. The application period opens 16 January and closes 1 March. Individual Divisions and Interest Groups also give out awards and travel grants. Please inquire with your specific Div/IG leadership for grant opportunities.

Can someone manually register me for the conference?

Yes, Kristine Rosa, can register you for the conference, however, due to the high volume of requests this can take up to 3 weeks after your paper registration form has been received. We recommend, if you are able to do so, that you register yourself online. If you are unable to register yourself online, email Kristine at and she will assist you with your registration in the order your request was received.

Are meals included in my conference registration?

No, meals are not included in conference registration. Snacks will be provided during our AM & PM breaks. One could also make a dinner out of the food served at the opening reception the first night, as well as division, interest group, and university receptions held other evenings during conference.


How do I upload a revised paper submission?

Log into the paper submission website. Once you are in, click on "Submit or Edit a Proposal." You will then find your submission and to the right side under "Action," click on "upload."

How do I view the online program?

You can view the online program be going to the paper submission website. On the landing page to the right you will find the link, "View the Online Program." If you click on this link, it will allow you to see the program as a guest.

How do I update my affiliation so that it will appear in the program?

Please make your affiliation update in the ScholarOne paper submission website.

I submitted a paper/and or panel, and still haven't received an notification letter.

Please contact and/or your Division/Interest Group's planner to look into this. Something may have been mislabeled.

How do I get an my invitation letter?

Letter of invitations will be sent out to everyone by 25 January. If you need this edited in any way, please contact

My paper wasn't accepted, but I'd still like to attend the conference. Where can I get an invitation letter?

If you were accepted/ are not presenting at the annual conference please register first. After showing proof of registration, please contact for a personalized letter of invitation.

I was accepted to conference, but now I must withdraw my paper. How can I do that?

Please contact your accepted Division/Interest Group Leadership as well as ICA Manager of Conference Services, Jennifer Le,


I signed up to review, so where do I go to do my reviews?

To do your reviews, you will go back into the paper submission website. Once you log in, you will see a section called "Reviewer Menu."

Do I have to be an ICA member to be a reviewer?

No, just like submissions you do not need to be an ICA member to volunteer to review. You also don't need to submit a proposal in order to review. Everyone who logs into the paper submission website, regardless of reason only needs a profile.


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