Committee and Task Force Roster
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If you wish to contact a committee or task force, please use Member Search to find contact information for the chair. The member search resource is available to ICA members (you must be signed into your account to access the search results). 

For questions, or corrections to this page, please contact Julie Arnold.

Following are the Committee and Task Force compositions for the 2019-2020 term (beginning with the end of DC conference through the end of Australia conference)

NOTE: This page is in the process of being updated and is not yet finalized, this note will be removed once updates are complete.




Affiliate Journal Committee
Cynthia Stohl, Chair

Elisia Cohen

John Paul Gutierrez, ex officio
Francois Heinderyckx
Frank Esser
Bu Zhong

Research Awards Committee
Thomas Hanitzsch, Chair 

ex-officio: Chairs of all awards committees 

Affiliate Journal Process Review Task Force
Amy Jordan, Chair 
John Erni
JP Gutierrez, ex officio
Jake Harwood
Hernando Rojas

Division & Interest Group Coordination/Mentoring
Matt Carlson, Chair

Julie Arnold, ex officio

Nicole Ellison

Richard Popp
Natalia Rybas
Adrienne Shaw
Jesper Strombak

Applied/Public Policy Research Awards Committee

 Idit Manosevitch, Chair

Jung-Hyum Kim

Trisha Lin

Aaron Shaw

Michelle Violanti


Future of ICA Conferences Task Force
Jeff Niederdeppe, Chair 

Stacey Connaughton

Young Mie Kim

Mirca Madianou

Catherine Preston

Jordan Soliz

Tang Tang

Membership & Internationalization
Shiv Ganesh, Chair

Leah Komen

Kristine Rosaex officio
Federico Subervi
Marko Skoric

Tim Vos

Aubrey Fisher Mentorship Award Committee
Mary Beth Oliver, Chair


Maram Khazen
Oliver Quiring
Dietram Scheufele
Jessica Taylor Piotrowski


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (I.D.E.A.) Task Force

Jasmine McNealy and Maria Len-Rios, Co-Chairs 

Walid Afifi

Meryl Alper

Miriam Ayieko

Sarah Banet-Weiser

Sarah Cho

Stine Eckert

David Ewoldsen

Shiv Ganesh

Kim Gross
John Paul Gutierrezex officio

Nominating Committee
(2019 Election) 

Peter Vorderer, Chair


Ingrid Bachmann
Sarah Cho
Akira Miyahara
Robin Nabi


(2020 Election) 
Amy Jordan, Chair


Sarah Cho
Shiv Ganesh
Agnes Lucy Lando
Robin Nabi

Early Career Scholar Award Committee*

Craig Scott, Chair


Kathleen Beullens
Isabel Molina-Guzman
Amy Nathanson

Chaim Noy


*formerly called the "Young Scholar Award Committee" (name change effective May 2019)


Interest Groups Process Review Task Force

 Devon Powers, Chair  


Colin Agur

Matt Carlson, ex officio

Alina Dolea

Steve Jones

Jessica Piotrowski

Wouter Van Atteveldt

Zheng (Joyce) Wang

Publications Committee
 Robin Nabi, Chair

Stephen Croucher
John Paul Gutierrez, ex officio 
Patricia Moy
Katherine Sender
Sabine Trepte

Fellows Book Award

Francois Cooren, Chair  


Sharon Dunwoody
Maria Elizabeth Grabe

Chin-Chuan Lee
Jan Radway

Open Access Strategic Plan Task Force

Claes De Vreese, Chair 


Nick Bowman
Gigi Durham
John Paul Gutierrez, ex officio
Larry Gross
Janice Krieger
Eun Ju Lee
Peter Mongeex officio 

 Patricia Moy

Robin Nabiex officio 
Jeff Pooley

Eike Rinke

Regional Conferences Committee

 Peng Hwa Ang, Chair           


Porismita Borah
Sister Agnes Lucy Lando
Tamir Sheafer
Cynthia Stohl
Wendy Willems

Outstanding Article Award Committee
 Elfriede Fursich, Chair

Eike Rinke
Harsh Taneja
Angharad Valdivia

Saskia Witteborn

Professional Standards Task Force

Lee Humphreys & Eve Ng, Co-Chair



Julie Arnold, ex officio 
Francois Heinderyckx
Kate Kenski
Sonia Livingstone
Akira Miyahara
Matthew Powers

Student and Early Career Advisory Committee (SECAC)

Sarah Cho, Co-Chair, BSECR

Myrene Magabo, Co-Chair, BSECR

Clare Grall
Muhammad Ittefaq
Grazia Murtarelli
Yuxi "Cecilia" Zhou

Outstanding Book Award Committee
Vicki Mayer, Chair               


Henrik Bødker
Lille Chouliaraki

Ralina Joseph
Akira Miyahara

Strategic Planning Task Force

Cynthia Stohl, Co-Chair

Karin Wilkins, Co-Chair 


Omar Al-Ghazzi
Francois Allard-Huver
Pablo Boczkowski
Claes de Vreese, ex officio
Shiv Ganesh, ex officio
Lee Humphreys, ex officio
Nancy Jennings
Winni Johansen
Maria Len-Rios, ex officio
Jasmine McNealy, ex officio
Patricia Moy
Eve Ng, ex officio
Jeff Niederdeppe, ex officio
Devon Powers, ex officio
Jack Qiu
Eike Mark Rinke
David Tewksbury
Yariv Tsfati
Silvio Waisbord

Sustainability Committee

Miyase Christensen, Chair


Rivka Ribak
Adrienne Russell
Bruno Takahasi
Antal Wozniak


Steve Chaffee Career Achievement Award Committee

 Thomas Hanitzsch, Chair


Radha Hegde
Natalia Stroud

Maureen Taylor
Sebastian Valenzuela

UNICEF Task Force
Terry Flew, Chair 

Iccha Basnyat

Radhika Gajjala

Paula Gardner

Amy Jordan

Mirca Madianou

Teller’s Committee (2019 Election)
 Laura Sawyer, Chair, ICA Executive Director


Terry Flew
Peter Vorderer