Committees & Task Forces
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Committee and Task Force Roster

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Engagement Opportunities

The International Communication Association is a self-organizing association, driven by its members. In addition to enjoying exclusive benefits such as discounted conference rates, members derive gratification from contributing to ICA through service on its committees and task forces. Such work, which both necessitates and comes with the benefit of interaction with scholars from all around the world, can be equally challenging and rewarding.

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All Committees and Task Forces

  • The incumbent ICA President appoints all committee and task force members; the Board of Directors votes to approve the incumbent ICA President’s slate. Ad-hoc appointments for unexpected vacancies are determined by the ICA President in office at the time the vacancy occurs

  • Terms, unless otherwise indicated, are three years in length, generally staggered, beginning with official notification from ICA headquarters of appointment and concluding with the last day of ICA’s annual conference in any given term end year

  • Chairs lead all activities of a committee or task force

  • Chairs attend the annual Board of Directors meeting as guests (by invitation only) when deemed necessary due to a motion or discussion topic put forth by the committee/task force

  • Ex-officio: when one’s position on a particular committee or task force is by virtue of another role/office/appointment held. The ex-officio status has no bearing on whether or not one votes on a committee.  

  • Chairs and members  are chosen to reflect the diversity of the ICA membership, varying particularly across divisional/interest group membership but also across other types of diversity, such as methodological approach, nationality, regional identification, gender, and ethnicity

Standing Committees

All standing committees submit two written reports a year:  a mid-year report to the Executive Committee and an annual report to the full Board of Directors (also included in ICA’s annual report)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is a subcommittee of the Board of Directors consisting of the President, President-Elect, President-Elect-Select*, Immediate Past President, Past President, Past President from the prior year (now acting as General Secretary), Treasurer, and Executive Director. The Executive Director serves as a nonvoting member of the Executive Committee; all others are voting. 

  • The bylaws authorize an Association Executive Committee (EC), which acts as the executive of the BoD and oversees day-to-day governance.

Affiliate Journal Committee

Chair plus four members

  • Evaluates the affiliate journals under the 3-year review process 

  • Evaluates the affiliate journals program as a whole

Conference Planning Committee

This annual committee includes the President-Elect, Division and Interest Group representatives, and other members appointed by the President-Elect. 

  • Meets at preceding annual ICA conference to begin planning process 

  • Plans the conference scientific program 

  • Oversees the paper selection process 

  • Prepares the conference program, with Executive Director and ICA staff 

Division and Interest Groups Coordination/Mentoring Committee

Chair plus five members.

  • Works to improve communication and planning within divisions/IGs

  • Serves as a resource for new interest groups and leadership

  • Coordinates formal reviews of divisions and interest groups 

  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for the establishment of, or resignation of, divisions and interest groups

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) Committee

Two Co-Chairs plus nine members 

  • Develops and maintains an association-wide definition of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. ICA is a unique organization in that its membership is highly international in scope and IDEA principles apply and are viewed differently across the globe.

  • Identifies areas of activity on which ICA can be assessed in terms of IDEA principle and recommends what metrics should be used. 

  • Identifies areas of opportunity and recommends mechanisms by which ICA can improve on IDEA principles. 

Membership and Internationalization Committee

Chair plus five members  

  • Works with ICA Central Office to plan and implement membership recruitment

  • Makes recommendations to President and BoD for increasing member benefits

  • Recommends policy regarding the internationalization of ICA, including monitoring the needs of ICA’s international constituencies

  • Recommends and monitors policies and practices that meet the needs of non-US members of ICA

Nominating Committee

Chair plus four members: This annual committee is comprised of ex-offiicio members as follows: the committee is Chaired by the outgoing past president (the one that has just rotated off the EC as General Secretary), with members comprised of those holding the following roles: the publications committee chair, the membership & internationalization committee chair, one Board Student and Early Career Representative, one Board Member at Large. Members should reflect a balance between new and continuing committee members and represent the diversity of membership and interests of ICA within those constraints. This ensures that the committee considers candidates from a variety of perspectives. 

  • The Chair is in communication with the Executive Committee (especially the Executive Director) in the vetting of potential candidates; the Chair also holds an ex-officio appointment on the Tellers Committee for their election year  

  • The committee actively recruits* and recommends to BoD at least two candidates for each of the following positions: 

  • President (who will start his/her term as PES and the President-Elect/planner)

  • Regional Board Members-at-Large as required by vacating members (typically one per year)

  • Board Student and Early Career Representatives (two total; one each year with staggered terms)

*A note on recruiting: Whereas candidates were once sourced organically by the committee “reaching out” to possible interest parties, the process became, in 2018, more egalitarian and transparent. The headquarters office produces a Call for Nominations, open for one month and available to anyone who is an active member of the association. One can self-nominate, or submit the name of another scholar. Including contact information, relevant experience, etc. The committee narrows the list of submissions down to a “short list” and uses its own internal process to narrow the candidates to finalists (2 names per role).

Professional Standards Committee

Two Co-Chairs plus five members

  • Advises ICA leadership on issues pertaining to professional standards for ICA members

  • Develops and maintains a set of guidelines for the handling of professional-conduct complaints

  • Reviews allegations from ICA members about other members’ conduct relating to violations of the ICA code of ethics

  • Oversees the selection of any member/attendee training modules related to sexual-harassment prevention, bystander training, or other areas covered by the code of ethics

  • Stimulates white papers, newsletter articles, and other educational materials for the membership on matters relating to ethics/professional standards

Publications Committee

Chair plus four members

  • Oversees ICA journals and editorial policy

  • Monitors and updates the Publications Manual and distributes it to ICA journal Editors (Chair assisted by Associate Executive Director)

  • Actively recruits and recommends Editors to BoD for all ICA journals, beginning the search and screen process at least 18 months before the end of the previous Editor’s term (assisted by Associate Executive Director)

  • Reviews editorial policies across ICA journals and the brief of each journal, ensuring that each journal’s domain is clear and distinct

  • Makes recommendations about the acquisition or start-up of new journals (assisted by EC and others as appropriate)

  • Attends the annual ICA conference

  • Serves as a judicial body in cases of plagiarism and self-plagiarism, enforcing rules and advising editors on punishments for infractions

  • Chair of the Committee:

  • Reports in writing to the BoD on publication policy and activity 

  • Chairs a meeting with Editors, AED & entire EC (the publications strategic planning committee meeting) at the conference

  • Chairs the “Meet the Editors” panel at conference

  • Maintains regular contact with all journal editors about publication issues

  • Provides regular reports to the President and through President to EC about problems or issues as they arise

  • Gives regular progress reports to President and is assisted by the EC and BoD in the search and screen process

Regional Conferences Committee

Chair plus five members

  • This committee serves as an advisory board to those who either consider or have already decided to do a regional conference.

Student and Early-Career Advisory Committee

The two current Board Student and Early Career Representatives serve as Co-Chairs, and up to five student and non-student members usually selected from division and interest group student and early career (SEC) representatives.

  • Serves the needs and interests of student members and assists in crafting and disseminating the student and early-career agenda

  • Recommends and promotes policy and activities to enhance student involvement in ICA

  • Reports in writing to the BoD on student policy and activity 

  • Both Board Student and Early Career Representatives attend the BoD meeting at the annual ICA conference

Sustainability Committee

Chair plus four members   

  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and staff regarding green/sustainable/environmentally friendly practices (Food and beverage, venue selection, socially responsible investing

  • Works to educate the membership on how to be more green as attendees of the ICA conference 

Tellers Committee

ICA's election results are certified by the Tellers Committee comprised of the Executive Director, the President and the Nominating Committee Chair.  

  • The committee reviews the ballot results prepared by ICA’s Senior Manager of Governance and checks it against the actual submission system’s tallies to ensure accuracy.

Awards Committees

Each year, ICA bestows research awards based on a rigorous nomination and review process, with one award given to one nomination in a given category. No award is presented if the nomination and review process does not produce qualified candidates with strong credentials. Awards are presented during the awards ceremony at the Annual ICA Conference.

  • Award committees receive direction from ICA headquarters regarding deadlines and processes. The chair of each award committee also holds an appointment as an ex-officio member of the Research Awards Committee (see below).

  • Award committees:

    • Organize and oversee the evaluation of nominees for ICA's research awards

    • Evaluate nominees and recommend one nomination per award to the Board of Directors

  • No ICA member who submits a nomination or who is nominated for an award can serve on the committee judging the nomination.

Research Awards Committee

Chair and seven ex-officio members comprised the chairs of each award committee

  • In addition to any directive from headquarters, each awards committee chair is required to send the name of the person selected for the award and brief explanation for the choice to the Chair of the Research Awards Committee

  •  Research Awards Committee Chair:

  • Combines the aforementioned award statements into one report submitted to the Board of Directors for approval 

  • Presents the award winners during the Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony.

Applied Research Program Award Committee

Chair plus four members

B. Aubrey Fisher Mentorship Award Committee*

Chair plus four members. *The B. Aubrey Fisher Mentorship Award is not a “research” award, but still reports up to the
Research Awards chair who collects all results.

Early Career Scholar Award Committee

Chair plus four members

Fellows Book Award Committee

Chair plus four members 

Outstanding Article Award Committee

Chair plus four members

Outstanding Book Award Committee

Chair plus four members

Steven H. Chaffee Career Achievement Award Committee

Chair plus four members

To learn more about the individual awards and criteria, see the  ICA Awards page.

Task Forces

All Task Forces:

  • Carry out particular tasks designed to make a substantive contribution to the mission of the Association

  • The size of a given task force shall be in proportion to the duties to be performed

  • Submit two written reports a year:  a mid-year report to the Executive Committee and an annual report and/or a recommendation (via formal motion) to the full Board of Directors  

2020-2021 ICA Task Forces

  • Affiliate Journal Process Review Task Force
  • Future of ICA Conferences Task Force
  • Prospective Interest Groups' Application Development Task Force
  • Open Access Strategic Plan Task Force
  • Strategic Planning Task Force