ICA Fellows Nominations

Fellow status in the International Communication Association is primarily a recognition of distinguished scholarly contributions to the broad field of communication. The primary consideration for nomination to Fellow status is a documented record of scholarly achievement.

QUESTIONS: For questions about the fellow nomination process, please contact Julie Arnold, ICA Senior Manager of Governance. 

DEADLINE: 12:00 Noon ICA Headquarters Time on 31 January 

Nomination Procedures

The nomination period is open from 1 November - 31 January (12:00 Noon ICA office time). During this time, ICA members are invited to submit their nominations to the Fellow Nominating Committee (FNC). Any member of the Association or any collective group of members may submit nominations. 

  1. Nominee Membership Status: A nominee must be a current ICA member (you should confirm the nominee is a member using the member search function under resources on our website)
  2. Nomination Packet Inclusions: Nominations should be submitted formally by letter. A typical nomination letter details the reasons that the candidate should be elected ICA Fellow. It should include a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae, at least two (but not more than four) additional letters of support from leading scholars in the field, and any other materials that help demonstrate significant scholarly contributions to the field of communication and/or the International Communication Association.
  3. Nomination Packet File Format: Submitters are asked to submit all nomination documents in a single PDF file:
    •  the pdf should be named with nominee's family name followed by their given name (examples: "Smith.John.pdf"/ "Arnold.Julie.pdf")
    • the pdf should be ordered as follows:
      • Beginning: One Formal Nomination Letter (may be signed by more than one person) 
      • Middle: Two-Four Letters of support (four is the maximum allowed)
      • End: Nominee's Curriculum Vitae
  4. Summary Statement: The nomination form requires you to submit a separate summary of the nominee's accomplishments.  Summaries are limited to 1800 characters* (not words) with spaces and no special formatting (no bullets/bolding, etc.). Summaries are not included in the election materials provided to the FNC for vote.  They are exclusively used by ICA staff to aid in crafting announcement materials for successful candidates. ICA administration reserves the right to amend the summaries, as needed, to meet space or ICA editorial standards.  Do not include this summary anywhere in the pdf packet you upload. 
    • *NOTE: "characters" in our system means individual letters, punctuation or spaces

  5. Submission System Only: All nominations must be submitted through the form below (form shows when nomination period is open); emailed nominations will not be accepted
  • Grounds for Disqualification

  • Packets are not reviewed until after the submission period has closed.  If your packet does not meet the criteria, and is disqualified, there will not be an opportunity to correct and resubmit it until the following year's nomination period has opened.

  • Your nomination will be disqualified if: 

  • your nominee is not a current member of ICA 

  • your packet is missing the required formal letter of nomination

  • your packet has fewer than the minimum letters of support required (two letters of support) 

  • you exceed the maximum letters of support allowed (four letters of support)

  • your packet is missing the required CV 

  • your submission packet is not ordered correctly, as outlined in the Nomination Procedures section

  • your submission packet includes the summary statement (which is required to be submitted separately using the form) 

  • your submission is emailed (all nominations must be submitted through the form below)

Submit a Nomination

To submit a nomination, please complete the form below and upload your nomination packet as a single pdf. 

The 2020 Fellows Nomination Period closed at 12:00 Noon ICA Headquarters time on 31 January 2020.  The form does not show when the nomination period is closed. The 2021 Nomination Period opens on 1 November 2020.