Interest Group Leadership
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Each interest group has five elected roles: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Student and Early Career (SEC) Representative and an International Liaison. The Vice-Chairperson automatically succeeds the Chairperson for a two-year term. The ICA Governance year begins and ends on the last day of our annual conference; terms are typically two years in length (though sometimes variations in term length occur). 

If you wish to contact interest group leadership, please use Member Search to find contact information. The member search resource is available to ICA members (you must be signed into your account to access the search results). 

If you have questions about ICA governance or a correction to this page, please contact Julie Arnold

2020 - 2021 ICA Interest Group Elected Leadership: 

Activism, Communication and Social Justice Interest Group
Anne Kaun, Chair
Todd Wolfson, Vice Chair
Rosemary Clark-Parsons, Secretary
Liisa Sömersalu, SEC Representative
Paola Sartoretto, International Liaison

Communication Science & Biology Interest Group  
Allison Eden, Chair
Richard Huskey, Vice Chair
Christopher Cascia, Secretary
Jacob T. Fisher, SEC Representative
Christin Scholz, International Liaison

Human-Machine Communication Interest Group
Andrea Guzman, Chair
Chad Edwards, Vice Chair
Steve Jones, Secretary
Henry Goble, SEC Representative
Sharon Ringel, International Liaison 

Intergroup Communication Interest Group 
Jessica Gasiorek, Chair
Marko Dragojevic, Vice Chair
Rachyl Pines, Secretary
Rachel Damiani, SEC Representative
Nuri Kim, International Liaison

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Interest Group  
Shinsuke Eguchi, Co-Chair*
Lukasz Szulc, Co-Chair*

Paromita Pain, Secretary
Jessica Rauchberg, SEC Representative
Lik Sam Chan, International Liaison
*LGBTQ's structure deviates from the ICA standard in that it employs a Co-Chair structure instead of a Chair/Vice Chair as was approved upon establishment

Media Industry Studies Interest Group  
Ramon Lobato, Chair
Aske Kammer, Vice Chair
Christine Larson, Secretary
Dan Andrew, SEC Representative
Ju Oak (Jade) Kim, International Liaison

Mobile Communication Interest Group  
Rich Ling, Chair

Keri Stephens, Vice Chair
Jakob Ohme, Secretary
Lara Wolfers, SEC Representative
Hoan Nguyen, International Liaison
Public Diplomacy Interest Group  
Alina Dolea, Chair
Steven Pike, Vice Chair 
Phillip Arceneaux, Secretary
Luigi Di Martino, SEC Representative
Ilan Manor, International Liaison
Sports Communication Interest Group  
Michael Devlin, Chair
Michael Butterworth, Vice Chair
Danielle Sarver Coombs, Secretary
Jake Kucek, SEC Representative
Daniel Jackson, International Liaison