DC 2019 - Posters
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Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation Guidelines

An interactive poster session or a plenary poster session consists of freestanding display boards, on which individual authors will present their research. Be sure to put some thought and effort into designing and executing your presentation.

  • Your display should fit a horizontal (landscape-style) space that has an area of 42" (height) x 91" (width). ICA will provide push pins to fasten your materials to the cloth type material of the display boards. But if you feel you have another material you’d like to use to put up your poster with, feel free to bring and use that.
  • A suggestion is to use 1- to 2-inch letters to recreate a prominent label for the top of your display, giving the title of your paper and authors’ names.
  • Determine the key points of your paper and highlight these, rather than trying to cover the whole paper.
  • Look up the time of your presentation and the number of your poster and arrive at least 15 minutes early to set-up. 

Be creative! To see what was done in the past, browse through our previous conference photo albums. If you have any questions, please contact conference@icahdq.org.

If you do not wish to travel with your poster, and instead have it made in Washington, D.C. there is a FedEx Office at Washington Hilton. For more information, please visit this website.