President's Welcome
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President's Message

Welcome to the International Communication Association!

We live in a time and a world characterized by change and uncertainty. In that world the study of communication, in all its forms, is at the core. We are the premier international academic association for scholars engaged in the study, teaching, and application of all aspects of communication. Our diverse members engage with the essential communication issues of our time. As such, our scholarship shapes the next generation of researchers, it addresses societal concerns, and it informs a broad swath of communities outside of academia.

We are organized into 32 Divisions and Interest Groups, each representing a subfield in the study of communication. The breadth of divisions and interest groups is our strength, showcasing our wide-ranging discipline in which different aspects of communication are linked not only by common processes and structures, but also by diverse theories and methodologies.

Our flagship event is the annual conference. In the past six years, average registrations have exceeded 3,500 and indications are that attendance is poised to grow. In 2020 we held our first virtual conference as a consequence of the global Covid_19 pandemic. Our next conference is planned for Denver, Colorado (USA) in May 2021. Typically we also offer (co-sponsored) regional conferences in areas where we seek greater understanding of local research and opportunities for collaboration. In addition we have five academic journals, and numerous committees and task forces in which one can get involved. These include, for example, our IDEA task force (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility), our Future Conference task force, and our Open Access and Open Science task force.

ICA started 70 years ago as a small organization of U.S.-based researchers. It has expanded to boast more than 6000 members in over 80 countries. Since 2003, we have been officially associated with the United Nations as a nongovernmental organization (NGO).

We publish five internationally renowned, peer-reviewed journals: Communication, Culture, and Critique (CCC), Communication Theory (CT), Human Communication Research (HCR), Journal of Communication (JoC), and the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC). Journal of Communication is the world’s top ranked communications journal on SCIMAGO, and Communication Theory is ranked #5. As an ICA member, you receive free access to our journals—both current and past issues. We also sponsor publication of Annals of the International Communication Association (formerly Communication Yearbook).

Why join ICA? We are a self-organizing association, which means that members drive the Association. While attending conferences, getting feedback on ideas and papers, and access to quality journals are pluses, members find they also benefit from contributing to the Association in many ways.

You can serve as an officer of one of the 32 Divisions and Interest Groups (each D/IG chair has a seat on the Board of Directors that governs the association). You also can serve in one of ICA's standing committees and task forces to address important issues such as the Association’s ethics and political statement policy, strategic planning, and much more.

This work comes with the benefit of interaction with scholars from all around the world. Through it, we grow intellectually and academically, and we absorb and reckon with global concerns in our field. For many of us, our ICA friendships and collaborations have become some of the most rewarding relationships of our lives.

Communication research is having an impact in more areas of society, culture, politics, environment, the economy, health and education, as well as the media and technology, than ever before. Communication is increasingly global in their scope, more embedded in a growing array of digital technologies, and shaping how we live, interact, and achieve societal change and social justice, and the research, scholarship and teaching of ICA members is at the forefront of these rapid changes.

We look forward to your involvement with ICA.

Claes de Vreese
ICA President, 2020-2021