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ICA Travel Grant Application

ICA Travel Grant Application

Participants from developing/ transitional countries and students who have been accepted to present papers can apply between 16 January and 1 March for travel grants to attend the ICA conference in Washington, DC.

Developing/transitional countries are identified annually by the United Nations. Potential applicants should check the country tier chart on the travel grant application to determine whether they are eligible to receive a travel grant. Countries that appear in Tiers B and C qualify as developing/transitional countries. Note that ICA determines eligibility based on country of residence, not of origin. You must be an ICA member to apply.

Potential applicants should also contact their Division or Interest Group Chair for possible funding from the divisional Annenberg travel grant. Conference Program Chair Terry Flew (Queensland U of Technology) and Executive Director Laura Sawyer (ICA) will review the applications provided through the online application form. They will use their discretion (considering the general distance of travel to the conference, etc.) in providing up to US$500 for qualifying applicants. Applicants will be notified by 1 April.

To be eligible for an ICA travel grant, you must:

  • Have an accepted individual submission or session proposal for presentation
  • Maintain current ICA membership through the date of the conference for which you are receiving travel grant funding.
  • Reside more than 50 miles from the conference location. You are not eligible for a travel grant if you live within 50 miles of the conference site.
  • Submit the appropriate proof of attendance after the conference:
    • an ICA travel reimbursement form
    • a photo of your conference badge as proof of attendance
    • receipt of your travel transportation (i.e. air flight receipt, train receipt, bus receipt, etc.)

This grant money is reportable income, and treated as non-employment compensation by the IRS. To accept the award, ICA may require that all recipients who receive a grant and are U.S. citizens, complete and return a W-9.

In previous years, travel grant awardees could pick up travel grants on-site at the conference. In an effort to meet financial auditing standards, we will no longer have travel grants available for pick-up on-site. Awardees will receive their travel grants post conference in the mail after submitting the appropriate materials mentioned above.

If you have any questions or concerns about travel grants, please email

ICA welcomes your comments and questions. Please feel free to contact the ICA staff at anytime.


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