Group Memberships
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Group Membership Types & Dues

ICA has a triple-tiered dues structure following the UN model for A, B, and C countries, based on the World Bank's indicators of Gross National Income. Residents of B-tier countries pay 75% of the A-tier price and residents of C-tier countries pay 50% of the A-tier price. Your tier is determined by the country you currently live and not your country of origin.  

  • Online Registration Available for Family Membership and Institutional Membership: Join Now
  • All Other Group Membership Types (Association/Complimentary): Please email us to join at

Determine your tier: View ICA’s Country Tier Chart

Group Membership Type* 
(see details below pricing chart)

View ICA’s Country Tier Chart

Tier A
Tier B
Tier C
Family Memberships (two spouses, one descendant)

Institutional Membership (university departments - libraries ineligible)

  •  Point of Contact Only*







  • Point of Contact + 5 Additional Institutional Members**
    (5% discount)
 $1146  $855 $567
  • Point of Contact + 10 Additional Institutional Members**
    (10% discount) 
 $1950 $1453 $964
  • Point of Contact + 15 Additional Institutional Members**
    (15% discount)
$2657  $1980 $1314 
Association Membership
Complimentary Institutional Membership
$0 - Up to three (3) awarded annually

*All membership types are required to select a minimum of one (1) division or interest group, each range from $3-$6.  The pricing above includes $3 towards the first division or interest group of your choosing.

** Division and Interest group membership will be processed separately for Additional Institutional Membership and are not included in the membership fee.  Additional Institutional Members should contact membership to request an invoice.

Family Memberships: are designed for spouses or families who are all scholars or practitioners in the field of communication research. Up to three family members (two spouses and one descendent) may sign up for a Family membership. One family member is designated as the main membership holder. All journals are available online, free of charge, for all members to access.

Institutional Membership: A university department can join ICA as an Institutional Member (please note that libraries are ineligible for membership). The membership consists of one primary "Point of Contact" (typically the department chair) and additional institutional members in groups of five, ten or fifteen Additional Institutional Members.   Universities that do not pay or reimburse for individual faculty association memberships may take advantage of the Institutional Membership as a group membership. The Point of Contact is responsible for maintaining additional faculty to be associated with the membership through the online system. The department is billed for all members on one combined invoice. Each Additional Institutional Member is treated as a full member of ICA with individual privileges and their own unique member ID# and password. All receive their own online journal access including past issues, gain access to the members-only section of the website and enjoy a reduced rate for our annual conference.  We highly recommend Additional Institutional Members be limited to department faculty and should not include any students.  Any student listed on an institutional membership will be subject to the institutional member rates for membership dues and conference registration (which are substantially higher than the individual student membership type rates).   

Association Membership: The membership consist of one primary contact, typically the association president, and additional association members (generally limited to 5 additional members, however more may be considered at the discretion of ICA). Please note, additional association members added to this group membership type are not active members of ICA, and so do not have access to ICA member benefits. The primary contact receives online access to our journals including past issues, and access to the members-only sections of the website. The primary contact and additional association members all enjoy a reduced rate for our annual conference.  Applications should include the list of the Board of Directors, a copy of the association's bylaws, the association's statement of purpose and a list of its current members.  Member associations are invited to host one panel session during the annual ICA conference. Submission guidelines are posted on the ICA web site in the Call for Papers each year. Panel submissions are accepted from 15 September to 1 November annually. The association contact person may add anyone wishing to attend the conference to their membership roster by sending the individual's name and email address to

Complimentary Institutional Membership: The complimentary university membership was created in 2004 by ICA to further promote the development of the relationship between ICA and universities around the world.  Universities from all over the world are eligible, although those located in Tier B or C countries, as identified by the United Nations, will be given priority. The specific university department applying for the complimentary membership should be a media or communication department or have a strong focus on these areas. Up to 3 awards may be granted annually.