Opt in: ICA 2020 Hardship Fund

The opt in period has ended.

Dear #ica20 conference participant,

First of all, thanks for your registration for the conference. We are delighted that you decided to be part of the 2020 conference.

As you know, the ICA is offering a refund of 25% as we are meeting in a virtual fashion this year.

Today you have a choice, please bear with me for a moment before making the choice.

Option A is the 25% refund.

Option B is to keep the conference registration at the current rate and make a donation to the ICA 2020 Hardship Fund with the 25% eligible for refunding. You do not have to undertake any action except choosing this option if you have the chance to participate. This donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law for anyone in the US as ICA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit association. Anyone in the US who donates will receive a letter at the end of the year with our EIN number as with any other donation.

Why donate? One of the many complications that arises from the decision to go virtual is the problem that arises for participants with non-refundable airline tickets. Some are covered by personal or collective insurances, and many airlines are implementing lenient policies or outright cancelling the flights. Nonetheless, there is a sizeable group that will remain with expensive, non-refundable tickets. The 25% would be part of the ICA 2020 Hardship fund. We are creating this Hardship fundraising effort to create a fund for (partial) compensation for ICA members who are PhD students and early career colleagues finding themselves in the non-refundable situation. The fund would be available only to those who can show denied reimbursement or insurance and fulfill the career stage requirements. If you have the opportunity to donate, please choose option B.

If this is not an option to you through this route, consider an individual donation using this link.

Thank you,
Claes de Vreese
ICA President-Elect

Conference receipts are automatically emailed to both members & non-members at the time of completion (with the subject line: "International Communication Association - Thank you for your order").
Members can also locate a copy of their conference registration receipt (processed invoice) as follows:
  1. Sign into your ICA profile
  2. Go to Manage Profile
  3. Select "Invoices" (under Invoicing, Payments & History)
  4. (above the "store & events tab) - filter to "Any Status"
  5. Click the "view/print invoice" icon to the left of the corresponding conference registration date

The opt in period has ended, the form to apply has been removed.