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Individual Memberships
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Individual Membership Types & Dues

ICA has a triple-tiered dues structure following the UN model for A, B, and C countries, based on the World Bank's indicators of Gross National Income. Residents of B-tier countries pay 75% of the A-tier price and residents of C-tier countries pay 50% of the A-tier price. Your tier is determined by the country you currently live and not your country of origin.  

  • Online Registration Available for Regular, Student, Sustaining & Life (onetime payment) Membership: Join Now
  • All Other Membership Types (Employment Exception, Life (installment payments), Emeritus): Please email us to join at membership@icahdq.org

Determine your tier: View ICA’s Country Tier Chart

Individual Membership Type*
(see details below pricing chart)

View ICA’s Country Tier Chart

Tier A
Tier B
Tier C
Regular (professional level)
Employment Exception (adjunct, temporary, part-time) - requires annual application
Student (all before Ph.D.)
Life (single payment)
Life (four consecutive annual installments)

*All membership types are required to select a minimum of one (1) division or interest group, each range from $3-$6.  The pricing above includes $3 towards the first division or interest group of your choosing.

Regular Membership:  ICA is ideal for scholars and practitioners of all fields of communication research who have earned their PhD or for individuals who now work within their field.

Employment Exception Membership: Includes PhDs who are no longer students and do not have a permanent position but may be putting together a living wage by teaching part time in several universities during the same academic year; those who are only on a visiting appointment for one year but have no future employment at that or any other university or organization; those who are on a fixed term contract for less than 3 years such as research associates or research fellows; as well as other part time arrangements both within and outside academe. To apply, contact membership.  Your application must include letter(s) from your supervisor, or a copy of your contract, describing the condition of your employment.

Student Membership: Individuals who qualify for Student Membership in ICA are currently enrolled in a school. This includes ABD candidates.

Emeritus Membership: When Active Members reach the age of 65 years, a transfer to Emeritus status may be requested if they have been Active Members for at least 20 years immediately prior to making the request. Emeritus Members shall pay dues in the amount specified for such membership, and shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as Regular Members. Additionally, Emeritus Members enjoy access to conference paper downloads regardless of conference registration status.  

Life Membership: Includes all future conference fees and membership dues. Additionally, Life members may join as many Divisions and Interest Groups as they wish, at no extra cost.  Life memberships can be paid in a single installment or in four consecutive annual installments.

Sustaining Membership: Show support for ICA’s students - The membership includes a regular membership, one conference registration, and a $40 donation to the Student Travel Fund. This donation helps to sustain and support ICA’s grant program: Each year, the ICA President-Elect and Executive Director award grants from the Student Travel Fund to students who need financial support to attend the ICA conference.  All sustaining members will still need to register for conference if they plan to attend.