Membership FAQs
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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of ICA?

The steps to join ICA are simple!  Either online or by mail: 1) Complete the application for your membership type and 2) Complete payment of dues for your Tier. Join or Renew your Membership

What are the types of membership offered by ICA?

ICA offers several types of memberships for individuals and group organizations.   To learn more about the types of membership we offer, view our pages for Individual Memberships and Group Memberships

What are the benefits of membership?

ICA Members enjoy a variety of benefits, including access to our 5 professional journals and substantial discounts on our annual conference registration.  Learn more about ICA Member Benefits 

What is the cost to join ICA?

The dues to be a member of ICA vary based on the type of membership you select, as well as which country in which you reside.  ICA has a triple-tiered dues structure following the UN model for A, B, and C countries, based on the World Bank's indicators of Gross National Income. Residents of B-tier countries pay 75% of the A-tier price and residents of C-tier countries pay 50% of the A-tier price. Your tier is determined by the country you currently live and not your country of origin.  

View Membership Types & Prices:
View Individual Memberships
View Group Memberships
Determine your tier
View ICA’s Country Tier Chart

What payment forms are accepted?

  • Credit Card Types Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Online payments: may be made via credit card
  • By mail: 
    • Credit card payment information may be listed on a mail in application
    • Checks may be made out to: International Communication Association and mailed to:
      International Communication Association 
      Attn: Membership
      1500 21st NW
      Washington, DC 20036
  • Bank Wire: ICA accepts payments via bank wire, however an additional US$25 fee applies. Please contact membership for more detail about making a payment via bank wire.
How long does it take to process my membership application? 
  • Online payments process instantly, upon approval your membership will be active.  Please note, there is a slight delay (generally not more than a few business days) in adjustments to division and interest groups as the membership department must make those changes manually for each member.  
  • Payments by Mail or Wire: Payments sent by mail or wire transfer can generally take up to four weeks to process.
How do I find my receipt?
Receipts (paid invoices) are automatically emailed.  In the event you need another copy: 
  1. Sign into your profile
  2. Select "manage profile" 
  3. Select "Invoices" 
  4. Toggle between "store orders" for conference and "dues" for membership 
  5. Filter to "any status"
  6. Hit the icon for the receipt
What if I want to cancel my membership and request a refund?
Refunds for a cancelled membership will be considered and issued at the discretion of ICA.  To request a refund, please contact  with a brief explanation of the purpose of the cancellation. The following fees will apply in most circumstances:
  • Tier A Membership Cancellation: USD $50
  • Tier B Membership Cancellation:  USD $25
  • Tier C Membership Cancellation: No Charge, USD $0
How do I change my membership type?

If you wish to change your membership type, please contact

When does the ICA Membership term begin?

The first of October marks the beginning of a new membership year at the International Communication Association. The ICA membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September annually.

What if I want to join in the middle of a membership year? 

ICA welcomes new members to join throughout the year.  New members joining mid membership year receive full membership benefits upon enrollment, including online access to all previously published ICA journals. Dues are not pro-rated based on the date joined.

Is there a grace period for renewing my membership?

ICA provides members with a 60 day grace period to complete the renewal process. Any member with outstanding dues following 1 December has had their benefits suspended until the member's renewal has been completed and payment has been processed.

I’m currently a Student Member but recently attained my PhD,  how should I renew?
Congratulations on attaining your doctorate! Please be sure to contact to upgrade your membership type to Regular Member and maximize your membership benefits.
How can I enhance my ICA Membership?
  • Divisions and Interest Groups are an ideal way to enhance your membership experience based on your personal topic area(s) of interest. Joining a Division or Interest Group affords you increased potential to network with colleagues of similar interest. You will receive field-specific calls for papers, newsletters or special announcements disseminated by section leaders.  To learn more, review our Division and Interest Groups FAQs

  • Engagement Opportunities:  The International Communication Association is a self-organizing association, driven by its members. In addition to enjoying exclusive benefits such as discounted conference rates, members derive gratification from contributing to ICA through service on its committees and task forces. Such work, which both necessitates and comes with the benefit of interaction with scholars from all around the world, can be equally challenging and rewarding. Learn more... 

Who can I contact with questions, suggestions or concerns?
Our goal is to make this association your most valuable professional asset. We appreciate your input, as well as your membership. We invite you to contact us, your membership team, should there be anything we could do to enhance your experience with ICA.